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Would be better if it was Neymar getting that card.


I think the fact that the lad is getting booked is what makes it, look at his two buddies as well


Is Sandra Bullock’s acting career struggling ?


This was captured by the photographer who got clattered in the Croatian celebrations of the the second goal:





Wrong thread




He’s some man to grab a ball over a defenders head like that and tear off towards goal. He’ll make shit of any defender if he can be isolated one on one. He just needs to start burying those goal chances


He’d actually be a great man if he could remember to hold on to his hurley in all the excitement after catching the ball.


I’d say he lost it about 4 times on Sunday. Nicky English said that he used to do the same thing a lot when starting out.
The good thing about him though is it doesn’t matter what kind of ball you put in between him and the corner or full back, he generally wins it and wins a fair amount of frees as a result. He was deadly against Tipp early in the first match of the Munster Championship, but I suppose that’s no major achievement, as Tipp are shite


To be honest his two good games were on two average corner backs . He is a nice hurler and done great after not making the county minor team .

The next day will be interesting as one feels there is a bit of erm. … unfinished business .


He was doing it throughout the league as well, against Galway, Clare and Tipp. My father often spoke about Joe McKenna, the way he would jump for a ball and swivel in mid air while catching it so that when he landed he was facing the goals. Gillane has that skill as well, he’d be a nightmare to mark.


He did well in the league but I suspect from now on teams will mark him accordingly .

He has a decent spring in the air but as said here earlier he loses the Hurley an awful lot. Well worth his spot .


He’ll probably have cahalane on him against cork, Spillane will be on Flanagan from the off.


Hon de Baysht


A salmon leap


Great picture


Why is it great bro?


Can you not figure that out for yourself Blue…