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Looks like 4 lads trying to find standing around waiting for a circle jerk to form


Is that italian?








Hon the fucking Joe boy. You have them hopping around like sausages on a pan.






Thanks for the heads up pal, but I’m away at the moment and would appreciate if you could do the honours for me.



I don’t know who took this but I got it off the official Gaa instagram it could have been a remote camera that caught it. This was such a coolly well taken goal.


Great goal. Really clever. Rose it away from a back and hit it into the ground back away from the goalie.


A total mishit in fairness.


Look how small the shinty ball is and how close he is to goals,file under impossible to miss


Did the thrown hurley connect with his? Think it might have from watching the highlights last night, not entirely sure he meant that finish.


More the rise and the awareness to go back across the goalie. Flanagan missed a handier one not long earlier.


Mulcahy I think hit a peach of pass for that to put Lynch into space, who in turn probably did the right thing to square the ball across. Flanagan too static but Skehill threw himself at it in fairness.


He rose it too high and let skehill get out to him. A flick either side and it was a goal or pelanty. We were pissing through them at the time