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Fucking hell he misshit it but it’s still a great goal because of the circumstances but no need for the neediness to portray it as some sort of act of genius


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Could you not have posted to the original picture?

I’m self absorbed for giving a man too much credit for a goal in an historic all Ireland final win.

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Why go back across the keeper onto the keeper’s strong side and take any possible rebound away from himself?




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Mannions airborne Hurley (in shot) connected with Dowlings left arm as he was hitting the ball.


Yeah it did. He was hooked by the flying hurl.


Jesus I must watch it again. I thought he went for it.


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What cricket game were they watching there ??


Champions League 2012, proper countries celebrating, that french and german bollix sickened


That was a great night for British football . Chelsea went to Munich and humiliated them .