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We won on penalties mate


Exactly . They lost a penalty shoot out to a British team on home turf .


Man Utd being out played by Barca is a humiliation


Too .




The return of the King.




He despises every one of the stupid pricks.


What a marvelous cunt he is.

Back at the top table


youd imagine that’s the same sort of smug look that sid would get in his basement after another half page of irrelevant anti logic finished off by calling the other poster a rapist.


This is brilliant image


You’ll have to explain that one to me.


It’s the timing and the reaction, milliseconds have passed since the contact with the ball,


I though the ball was half way down your man’s gob .


Still don’t get it


Look at the pitchers face and the position of the bat, the ball was struck and instantly he knows it’s out of the park and reacts, it’s unusual.
But don’t fret it if you have no interest in baseball, it’s hard to think of an appropriate analogy





Whatever it is, it ain’t ‘brilliant’