Greatest Comedy Moment

Here’s a few that come to mind:

Only Fools and Horses:
The band Del forced Rodney to quit is on Top of the Pops. Del sees it, and he tries to hide it from Rodney by pretending all three televisions in the flat are ‘broke’. The acting in that scene from David Jason is incredible

Rodney trying to shake Duke (Boycie’s dog that they were looking after) from his lumber by making all these funny movements. I pissed myself laughing

The Simpsons:

Homer’s ‘Planet of the Apes’ outburst and the pisstake of Charlton Heston’s ‘Damn you - damn you all t’hell’

Fawlty Towers:
Could be here all day

Basil opening the cash register with his head
Basil spanking himself ‘you are a naughty boy Fawlty’ when Polly suggested that he was to blame for O’Reilly messing up
Basil giving his car ‘a thrashing’ after it broke down

Father Ted:
The ‘bleeped’ bit where Ted and Dougal are writing the Eurovision song
Graham Norton in the caravan
Ted trying to teach Jack to say ‘that would be an ecumenical matter’
That episode from start to finish
The nude bird getting into the bath with Bishop Brennan
Any episode with Bishop Brennan

Joey and Ross having the ‘nap’ together. Even the most hardened of Friends critics must admit that was a hillarious scene

Over the summer I have become a massive fan of Ricky Gervais and The Office. I always rated it but not as highly as others did. But now I must admit it has to be up there with the greatest comedies ever. The man is a comic genius. No moment in the show really stands out because its all so good but obviously the dance is a classic moment

Just verbally agreed this one with farmer:
The only fools and horses incident where they go to Holland.

“Remeber rodders. Act Dutch”
Then Del boy looks over at some Dutch guy on the land and shouts “Ajax”

Also one that was on recently in the superbowl episode of the simpsons where Homer is sitting in the garage where he got conned and they have that funny music playing - its the closing credits scene

Seinfeld: The conversation between Jerry and George about Spanish people not being able to order seltzer because it always sounds like salsa.

GEORGE: Why don’t they have salsa on the table?

JERRY: What do you need salsa for?

GEORGE: Salsa is now the number one condiment in America.

JERRY: You know why? Because people like to say “salsa.” “Excuse me, do
you have salsa?” “We need more salsa.” “Where is the salsa? No salsa?”

GEORGE: You know it must be impossible for a Spanish person to order
seltzer and not get salsa. (Angry) “I wanted seltzer, not salsa.”

JERRY: “Don’t you know the difference between seltzer and salsa?? You
have the seltezer after the salsa!”

Didnt you post that already, pete?

Im pretty sure I posted that on the old forum.

How long is a moment? If one can define an episode as a moment it’s got to be The Office Christmas specials. Pure magic:

Brent: They took 8 hours of footage a day and most of was a good guy doing a good job, he’s their friend as well as their boss and the one time you headbutt a girl and you’re made to look a prat.

I have good news and bad news

The bad news is that there are going to be redundancies and yes some of you will lose your job

The good news is that I got promoted. So ah… (awkward silence)

I know what I should have done - told you the good news first

Thats only bad news and irrelevant news David

I cant come out here and say that I have bad news and irrelevant news - there’s no ring to that

One of my favourites:

I said, 'If Head Office try and come here and interfere, they’ve got me to contend with, okay? You can go and fiddle with Neil’s people, but I’m the head of this family. You’re not going to fiddle with my children. I am, if anyone does.

Peter Griffin’s laugh cracks me up every time.

Family Guy Irish heritage

I think you’d have to watch a lot of TV to find a finer half hour’s comedy than last week’s Extras. Ricky Gervais is the genius of his generation, fooking superb stuff especially the ‘mongoloid’ parts.

The Life of Brian

All through, particularly the scenes with Bigguth Diccuth and Ponthiuth Pilate.

“Welease woger…” Classic stuff.

Accept opinions on Jervais though, a true genius. But TL of Bandage is fookin hilarious.

Alert to all our viewers/readers:

Extras is about to start on BBC ii.

Corbett. It’s always bloody Corbett.

‘We’re not after you, just tell us who it was. Was it Moira Stewart?’

Ridiculously good.

Not a great comedy momment per se but just watched a South Park episode there that was hilarious yet seriously fooked up. Think it was an old one but I’d never seen it before.

Cartman decided he was too mature for Stan and Kyle and so set off to find older friends. He went on to a chat room and told everyone he was an 8 year-old boy and wanted to meet some men! He got a shit load of replies from paedos and went to meet one of them in a cafe.

The guy gives him a bag of sweets and then goes ‘do you like it when I rub your back?!’ Then the cops run in and arrest him. This happens again a few times and escalates to such an extent that Cartman gets mixed up with NAMBLA by accident (North American Man Boy Love Association).

Seriously fooked up stuff. I don’t know how these lads get away with it!

Don’t mean to rain on your parade but it’s all too obvious. Once you make fun of taboo subjects then you are guaranteed a laugh. It doesn’t take much to sit down and make fun out of paedophiles and the likes. Comedy should be much more subtle and much more character based for me. South Park is humour for the unintelligent.

Glanced at this thread a while ago and it is the first time I saw the much heralded Family Guy skit of the Irish. Quite a poor effort in my opinion - certainly not a patch on The Simpsons efforts (from which Family Guy got the idea from no doubt)

It really makes me mad to hear people commending Family Guy/South Park over The Simpsons when the former are frankly a pale, pale comparison of the latter

Back on form Farmer. No grey areas for you.

I’d have both Family Guy and SouthPark way ahead of the Simpsons. I accept that the Simpsons was innovative and genre-defining, but the others have pushed the boat out and improved upon it. Sometimes looking at the Simpsons now it’s nearly cringeworthy how tame some of the episodes are, not a hint of satire of the American way of life that made some episodes so memorable. Plus the guest appearances are for the most part hugely embarrassing.

As an aside I saw Steve Irwin in a South Park episode the other day. He had a sting ray hanging out of his chest.

the new episodes of the simpsons are absolutely brutal. They have been taken over by corporate america. there is nothing more worse republicans tryin to make fun of there own conservative ways.

Well maybe Jewish comedy is worse.

On a different note:

Only fools and horses; when dellboy and trig are at the bar and dell tries to play it cool in front of a couple of birds. Leans over onto the bar but the barman had lifted hatch just moments before. Dell boy goes flat on his face. Brilliant.

Faulty Towers:

Moose lands over manuel’s head, and he cries: “ohhh he hit me on the head!”
and the old man replies: “no you hit him on the head, you silly moose!”


brady is meet falling/being pushed over. in the multimedia section of this website.