Greyhounds Matter

doe paul montogmery own the dog? Was just in the pub saturday night and seen him jumping around afterwards

[quote=“HangBlaa”]Aside, what do ye make of the breeding of Contador who won the 4th race in 28.49…ww Time Warp / Knoppogue Class

I havent seen any of the puppy races from Friday yet, but i was in Kilkenny for the Langtons Derby and saw Ullid conor break the 300 TREC… what a run (15.99).[/quote]

Great minds think alike… I got a text saturday night from one of the lads who was watching at home which read “Mad breeding on that Contador”. Sire won 86 races…!

Ballymac Bondi and Timor Blue’s run the highlight, HB. There are two heats on tonight, unfortunately I can’t make friday.

some gamble on Broadacres Tubo as well… 6/1 availble early doors, returned 5/2 and took 15 spots off the TREC in the process.

Just seen teh photo finish… from the video angle i could not believe Aston got up… you have to feel fro connections of slip the lark…

Pat Buckley really had a Derby to forget didn’t he?

Our Droopys Woods bitch is running in an A3 tomorrow night at Mecca. Been frustrated by her coming into season every few months but hoping she will go close tomorrow.

she looks to have promise SS**… best of luck with her.


Sorry thought that was answered above, yeah that’s the same Montgomerys Dan. Paul Montgomery.

Cheers, saw him going mad when it was over alright but didnt think he was doggy type really, although he is a great supporter of sport in cork

It’s a huge win Dan, besides the share of the €175k prize, there’s the €500k they won in ante post bets, plus they’ve been offered €500k+ for the dog. Whole package is worth well over a million between the three of them…

No wonder the fooker was jumping around, he isnt stuck for it anyways

SS**, i am still not sure if the 500k offer from Oz is a wind up or not… put it this way, I wouldnt send a bitch to him.

HB, I agree, I would never send a bitch to a dog with no early.

Do you know that guy Gabriel on G-D? He banned me because I said that I wouldn’t give much credit to Just The Best on this occasion because Queen Survivor would throw champions to my terrier. I thought it was a fair enough viewpoint. He obviously has a litter of Just The Bests at home. Anyway I won’t be going back to that forum, its moderators are a shower of fcukers if you don’t toe the Taggart line.

SS**, i have never posted there, but it seems a bit extreme in fariness.

You could quickly become a knowledgeable contibuter over there by:

-Once a week type Barnfield on Air followd by ‘wooosh’
-Recommend Kewell for everybodies bitch
-Post photos of your greyhound on the couch
-Get emptional when a sapling does a toenail
-Congratulate at length people you have never met in your life for having a dog in an A7 final in belle vue
-Agree with everything that Taggart posts
-Tell people you cried when some rando dog broke a hock and offer a couch for him…

etc etc etc

PMSL ha ha that gave me some laugh Hang Blaa.

So, so true, it makes me puke when people go on there asking you to pray for their dog who is dying. The worst of all is the sort of post entitled something like ‘Benny RIP’… The English really make twats of themselves when it comes to animals. You even had some sap over there recently going on about how stressful the crowd around Aston must have been the other night. FFS that dog was too tired to be worried by the crowd. I’ve never seen a dog get upset at a presentation in any case.

The mating advice is ridiculous, basically whatever anyone is using is advised.

the lad who owned the derby winner owns Parker browns nightclub in dundrum…apparantly he had a lock-in with free drink that went on til around 9 sunday morning…

every now and then when somebody posts about a dog with a scour or a sore toe, i am really tempteed to post;

Our benji had the same problem recently, but we found an instant soloution, we shot him

Also, SS** on the note of Aston as a stud, why the fcuk would you use Westmead Hawk either, there is no way track sense like he had can be passed on…

A good judge once told me the following. If you follow the following rules you will be ok…

  • Only breed from good bitches, that means race form or exceptional dam lines (the points system in Floyd Amphlets ‘in the blood’ is a great guide.
  • Only use studs with early
  • Only use studs over 68lbs
  • Put more money into rearing than you gave over to the stud master
  • Dont believe the hype and only use dogs that you have seen pups of his in the flesh.

Absolutely same for me, I wouldn’t use the hawk either, as you say trackcraft will not be passed on, no way. I don’t remember Scurlogue Champ being a good sire!
As for the Hawk, I think he’ll do well to live up to the hype, they talk about Osprey, but isn’t he out of a daughter of Little Diamonduk…dam of Maldini and Marco. Again, little credit goes to the sire there…

You have to laugh them sending Roxholme Girl to the Hawk, they’ll need the Ted Hegarty marathon to come into their own I’d say. She needed a Honcho Classic or similar, something with good early and a real 525 dog.
As for breeding, some of the bitches they’re breeding from are ridiculous, no pedigree and no ability. They wonder then why they can’t sell pups. Tell me this what grade down would you not breed from? Our bitch will probably run to A1 when she’s off, one or two ordinary open dogs in her litter. Would we be wasting our time? I would say we’ll probably try to do a pup deal anyway if we did breed from her. Can’t see any of us doing it ourselves as we’re all city dwellers at the moment…

Although I know jack shit about Greyhounds there is some great reading here lads.

Fellas asking people to pray for their dying dogs ffs.

Tis mostly middle aged women really, but the blokes aren’t much better. Hysterical.

There was a good one there recently about a fella with a bitch who after seven trials was still 30 spots outside of qualifying… Shur even if she does qualify she’ll be hawked from pillar to post in bottom grade and will never win a race. You’d think he’d know that himself. He’ll probably breed from her!