Greyhounds Matter

ok… hard call.

the following is the scale form In the Blood, and as you can see its mainly about the Dam line.

The bitch as a racer - how good was she? 30/20pts: Top Class/Minor Open Class
The bitch’s littermates. 25/10 each:Top Class/Minor Open Class
The bitch’s dam as a racer. 20/10: Top Class/Minor Open Class
The bitch’s dam’s littermates. 15/5 each: Top Class/Minor Open Class
The bitch’s dam’s other litters. 25/10 per litter containing Top Class/Minor Open Class
The bitch’s grand-dam’s other litters. 15 per litter containing Top Class
An adjustment of minus 20 each if the bitch was disqualified and/or is under 56lbs.

Also, the only good Droopys Woods bitchs that have produced are bitches like Dunphys own, Droopy’s Darlene, Kara etc… and in farness they would probebly throw from a labrador… but the other side, your bitch would be better than what most lads are breeding from.

[quote=“SHANNONSIDER**”]Tis mostly middle aged women really, but the blokes aren’t much better. Hysterical.

There was a good one there recently about a fella with a bitch who after seven trials was still 30 spots outside of qualifying… Shur even if she does qualify she’ll be hawked from pillar to post in bottom grade and will never win a race. You’d think he’d know that himself. He’ll probably breed from her![/quote]

read that… some bint wanting him to send the dog off for bloodtests and all sorts…

Cheers HB that’s a good rule of thumb. She has some useful siblings, but if Droopys Woods is no use as a damsire then I’d be slow to get involved with her. If we can get someone to breed from her then chance a pup from each litter it will do us. It’s about time she started doing something on the track though.

SS**, I left out the most important line.

score of 50 before consideration and anything over 100 would be a very good proposition

Also, the definitions of top and open class are inportant. In irish terms an open class bitch would want to have won at least a couple of times at A1, and would want to be comfortable in A0 company and possibly picking up a few wins.

Top Class is a dog that can be found at the business end of a classic.

English form is another thing, becasue it is my opinion a solid A3 dog here would pick up a few ‘opens’ accross the water.


I take back what i said about Droopys Woods as a possible damsire. Was just looking through the puppyderby from last firday, and the best of the lot of them looks to be Timor Blue.

Good stuff Hang Blaa! Have a look at some of the company we kept in Dundalk… We weren’t ‘off’ that night aswell…

decent run last night after the lay-off… get her into an A4 stake now and ya will be laughing.

By the timing of some of your posting ye made the most of it last night.

Pissed off really, she didn’t come away like she can (she was 5 clear going down the back in Dundalk last time) then got rolled over by the 5 dog, she ran on then for 2nd so doesn’t drop a grade. Disaster all round. Possibly ruined her price now for the next time after punting her. I just want her to run regularly now regardless of betting her. Left a deuce with Sammy Allen last night… At 4/1 though she was a bet. Her first look round Shelbourne, I think she’s more suited to the X.

there is a nice A3 coming up in Enniscorthy. Get her trialed down there on the condensed milk, as looking at her run she can easily do 29.00 if it all comes together for her. As you say, she showed serious early around DLK and nice pace around the 3rd bent last night… it will happen.

I’ve got a bitch nearly ready to start trailing and she’s going to be greatest bitch the world has ever known.*

*So we’ve convinced ourselves anyways!

Cheers HB, will look into that, she’s trained in Monaghan though so we may have to up our mileage rate to the trainer if he takes her down there. He says he has no doubt she’ll break 29 seconds so she should win her races.

What’s your bitch by Runty? Do you train her yourself?

[quote=“SHANNONSIDER**”]Cheers HB, will look into that, she’s trained in Monaghan though so we may have to up our mileage rate to the trainer if he takes her down there. He says he has no doubt she’ll break 29 seconds so she should win her races.

What’s your bitch by Runty? Do you train her yourself?[/quote]

She wouldn’t get much training out of me! One of the lads has a bitch who has thrown a few decent litters so a few of us bought a bitch from her last litter, he’s held onto a couple of them himself so he’s looking after our one as well. I’ll pm you the details.

me too runt and we can cast judgement on her, if only to confirm the possibility that she is the next big thing.

Ok guys, but please don’t tell the whole world about her. She is going to shake greyhound racing to it’s very core.

The 'stow still has a chance !

Stow campaign holds its breath
THE future of Walthamstow Stadium should be known this weekend.
Ricky Holloway, leader of the relentless SOS group, told the Sporting Press on Tuesday: “L & Q have promised us a response to our three offers for the track at the end of next week. All we can do now is wait and hope

I see David Hood reckons it has no chance… negative fcuker.

I still have fond memories of my night at the Stow. Got the tube out to Walthamstow Central, cab out to the track, 2 to get in, was on my own but it didn’t stop me having a pint every two races… Only time I’ve seen a genuine tic tacker at a dog track, that era is drawing to a close. You could picture that lad doing the same job at Dagenham 50 years ago with 30 bookies in the ring. They badly need something to drag the industry out of the mire over there, surely some sort of public/private partnership or government initiative could have kickstarted it, you’d think a labour government would have cared… it’s a shame.

By the time I visited the Stow the legendary Charlie Changs had been shut down so I didn’t go clubbing.

That heat 4 of the Laurels is savage tomorrow night.

Hoping Tullys Grange can qualify at the X tonight, no early but powers home looks like a decent 600 prospect.

33/1 Droopys Arsene for the English Leger, wouldn’t be without a chance I would have thought. Anyway I wonder has Curtain had a tilt because Powers have taken the knife to it and go 20/1 now. Still 33s about thought. I had to utilise a ‘virgin’ Bet365 account to get on at double carp.

33’s was decent ok, and surely will get to the semi’s when he would be easily laid off.

Puppy final at the X tonight… two pups with Droopys Woods as the Dam sire (oi oi SS**)… Timor Blue is an outsatndnig odg though… not to convinced that Bondi will train on though.

Laurels tomorrow night also… Would love to see Tyrur Laurel win it out, but have a sneaking feeling for Solinus. 6/4 with Cashmans to pick 3 finalists, tempting.

droopys arsene is fast but inconsistant, I see the IGB 750 is kicking off in Shelbourne saturday night. Why would any Irish stayer bother their bollix crossing the water for the leger is beyond me.

I’d love to see Solinus win the laurels, twould be great to see the small owner/trainer getting one over on buckley/Mckenna/hennessy et al…