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Guests: Everyone is obviously welcome to browse the forum and the rest of the sites as guests and read our wonderful thoughts on sport and random topics. Don’t be shy about registering and posting about anything you want though. Most people on here are IT novices (Bandage, the moderator can’t operate a mobile phone without assistance) but it’s simple to register and get your thoughts out there.

For guests and members alike: If you fancy yourself as a writer anybody is more than welcome to write content for the site itself. This site was originally setup as a page for wannabe sports writers. There are plenty of ways of doing so

  • Click the “contact us” button on the left hand menu and submit the story there or
  • send it to me in a Private Message function through the forum or
  • put it on the Forum itself and specify you want it to be posted as an article
  • or contact me by PM and I’ll get you setup with a user account that will allow you to submit articles through the main page of the site itself.

No content will be changed unless it’s edited for clarity, spelling/punctuation etc. or if it contravenes basic rules of Internet content (i.e. racism etc.). It will be credited to the writer or a pseudonym or anonymous whatever the submitter wants.

Finally feel free to check out any of the advertising links on the forum or the main page of the site.

[quote=therock67 ]
Guests: For guests and members alike: If you fancy yourself as a writer anybody is more than welcome to write content for the site itself[/quote]

i have been adding content to the site but it keeps getting edited. Ultimately if the adminers dont like what have to say they censor you.

[quote=Ball Ox ]

Yeah, unfortunately for you Ball Ox we delete racist posts.

[quote=Bandage ]


Look at it like this; you dislike various football teams, songs, bands etc… i happen to dislike black people. Who are you to invalidate my opinions in this age of free speech, you belong in the dark ages

[quote=Ball Ox ]

…but i cant talk about black lads can i. IDIOT. what a stupid pr stunt that was, stick your fookin website up your arse. im off to football 365. hasta…

Don’t let the door hit ya on the ass on your way out Ball.

ill hit you next time i see you. this website means nothing to me anymore, im gonna check out

Didn’t know they had an Irish host for their site. Anyway, enjoy it over there Ball.

so thats it, is it? so long and good luck? is that all you have to say to me?

No, I also just hit you what I call a ‘cyber box’. Your cyber nose is bleeding and you’re cyber crying.

Ball, break ups are never easy but I think you should be singleminded here and do what’s best for you. If you gotta go then go. Don’t make this any harder for me than it has to be.

who am i kidding!

what about a cyber hug?