Anybody else hate this time of year? Gimps kicking about in stupid costumes. Anyone over the age of 20 dressing up for this shit needs a curb-stomping. Personally speaking, I think it’s more mature to go around setting fireworks off with delinquents than dressing up like cartoon characters and so forth.

While all of that is true, this is also the time of year that women dress up as sluts and think its ok. To be applauded for that alone.

I used to never dress up as a kid, but these days if you go out at halloween and aren’t dressed up you look like the retard

I wouldn’t neccessarily agree with that. Most young women dress up like sluts every weekend, the more insecure women tone it down for Halloween. Over the past few years, Halloween has joined New Years eve on the list of nights I will not go out on, no matter what is on.

Which is why I abstain from socialising on this night.

St. Patricks day is also on that list, unless I’m out of the country.

Yeah, its a shame our great Celtic heritage has been over taken by this nonsense… That’s the yanks for you, everything has to be commercialized and turned into a buck. Great for the childer tho all the same.

Do the parents on here know if the old games are still played? The money in a basin of water which you can only retrieve with your mouth, taking a bite from a hanging Apple without using your hands etc

[quote=“ChocolateMice, post: 630321”]

The money in a basin of water which you can only retrieve with your mouth,[/quote]

A very dangerous game, I saw a lad nearly choke to death on a 50p coin one time :lol:

I know, the hungry lads would be turning blue in the water trying to get the bigger coins. We always got coin in the end regardless, the hungry fuckers just couldn’t see beyond the coin.

There is only one thing worse that Paddy’s day in Ireland and that is Paddy’s day in England.

New York is the place to be for St Patrick’s day

Get out of it. London is one of the best spots for Paddys day.

Oh sorry didn’t realise that London was the whole of England :rolleyes:

You dismissed an entire country and I’m pointing out that what you said is incorrect. Don’t know why you need the rolleyes.

London may well be the exception that proves the rule. although is a smug self serving cunt like yourself found Paddy’s day in London wholely enjoyable then I doubt the rest of us would.

I seem to recall you thinking Lahinch was the place to be as well

Resorting to personal insults to make your point - a sign of a beaten man.

Was Mac in Lahinch?

Was you Mac?

I think i will wait and hear KIB’s opinion of London for St Paddy’s day. You are going to look fine and foolish if he agrees with you

Why is that?

Nah it was just a rumour that someone spread around here. Think about, what sane person would voluntarily spend some of their spare time in a place like Clare?

No sane person would, which implicates you further.