whats the story of this corrupt skank - blowing our money on a haircut or something?

More details please?

just caught the end of it on the news- she might have been on a FAS jolly & spent taxpayers money dollying herself up

that should be it then for her - good riddance



[quote=“north county corncrake”]just caught the end of it on the news- she might have been on a FAS jolly & spent taxpayers money dollying herself up

that should be it then for her - good riddance[/quote]

If she’s representing the country abroad should she not be in presentable condition? Like Bertie spending money on makeup for the TV cameras in the Dail…?
I mean it’s not like she went all nip tuck and got a Kerry Katona special.

Don’t understand why she is still MoH though considering she has no party


I made that point on a thread last week.

Apparently it was only a wash and blow dry she had. I believe they had to roll her through a car wash to get it done properly.

Is this a follow on story from the resignation of the FS CEO who was bringing his wife over to junkets in the US at the taxpayers’ expense?

Harney was on a FAS junket in the US when 410 quid of taxpayers money was spent in a salon so people are assuming it was her. Her spokesman came out and said she wasn’t in that particular city in 2005 (when the receipt is from) but she was there the year previously and she only had a “wash and blow dry so she couldn’t have spent that amount”.

Of all our politicians that are representing us she’s the one that would truly have most need of beauty treatments to make her presentable.

As an aside isn’t it strange that there are few referneces to the state of Biffo- overweight, at times unkempt, poorly turned out and constantly scowling. It seems that we do judge women differently.


410 quid would make sense if that beast had a Brazilian. Reasonable price actually and a good deal for us as taxpayers.

She didn’t go for the head massage??

Harney in the 80s.

In fairness she became Minister for Health in 2004 so it couldn’t have been her.

If she wants to get the hair done while away on a trip work away, but pay for it. This whole thing stinks though, FAS needs a shake up. I’m on a FAS course today and tomorrow and it’s been run by contractors over from Scotland. Surely there must be enough trainers here in “Southern Ireland” as our trainer refers to us

Isn’t she going out/engages/married to the head of FAS? It always surprises me that little details like that get missed by the media when reporting on issues.

Personally I think it is a disgrace to think that money is spent on bringing “partners” on business trips, but every company’s top brass do it when they get to goto fancy places, if I was looking for a juicy story I would do a breakdown of all the twinned towns in Ireland and how much money was spent sending the local “betters” on trips

The opposition are going to go for the throat Today I’d say.

Fine Gael lack the balls to take on this government as they are too full of hot air…It is a shame really…Enda needs to be ditched if Fine Gael want to get into government…How many more opportunities do they need…

I have to laugh, do people expect Politicians representing us abroad to appear in public looking like they just got out of bed? Mary Harney deserved every that haircut, in fact she should have got a 1000 dollar haircut

I reckon they are doing a great job, they don’t want to get into power now, why would they? The health service is in ruin and the economy isn’t much better. They are doing a great job of applying pressure and highlighting all the issues, making sure that they’re all highlighted and not forgotten easily.

If FG had a plan like this before they’d be in power a long time ago I reckon

My company expect me to come into work with clothes on every day, but I don’t claim expenses for them. She has done no diferently to any other employee would do if they were on a business trip (i.e. claim all that you can claim), the difference is that 3 years after doing it there’s a witch hunt going on with an opposition who want to highlight all failures with a media that are only happy to twist the knife.