Harrington\'s Major Chance

He just lipped out for birdie on the 12th to take the outright lead.

As it is he’s tied for 1st place with Garcia and Romero - all are on 7 under.

Els just dropped back to 5 under.

Garcia was cruising and then missed a 2 foot birdie putt on the 6th and responded by dropping shots at both 7 and 8. He’s steadied the ship with a run of pars although he mssed a 4 footer for birdie on 10.

Harrington’s now hit an excellent shot into the par 3 13th.

I have given him an awful lot of stick for messing up in majors and coming 2nd all the time but I really hope the squeaky voiced weiner wins it now.

It’ll be an entertaining couple of hours now anyway.

Romero’s just gone to 8 under now though.

Forgot this was on… watching it online (6003 through live sport) and Harrington has a cracking chance here.

Romero goes to 9 under after 16 with his 4th birdie in a row after a double bogey on 12…but then goes out of bounds on 17.

Meanwhile, Harrington pulls his 4 iron approach to the par 5 14th but it strikes a bank and rolls down to 10 feet…he drains the downhill putt to go 9 under.

Sergio bridies the par 3 13th to go 8 under and is now playing the par 5.

Romero takes 6 on the 17th in the end.

Harrington -9 after 14
Garcia -8 after 13
Romero -7 after 17

Come on ya prick.

This is cracking stuff. You think he’ll do it Bandage?

Not brilliant from Garcia on the par 5 14th. No eagle for him anyway.

Garcia picks up the birdie though. Level with Padraig at 9 under.

That was a cracking chance on 16 for Harrigton. The test will be how he responds to that.

Ah for God’s sake. Harrington into the water on 18

Choke choke choke

And into the water again. Incredible.

4 hole playoff - second chance for Padraig.

If ever a round of golf summed up Harrington then that was it, no more so than the 18th.

Now after Garcia’s miss he has the chance to put this choking thing to bed once and for all.

It’s a 4 hole job - 1st, 16th, 17th and 18th.

I actually felt incredibly sorry for him rather than annoyed with him.

Hope he responds now and does it.

Yeah I was the same - thought I’d be frustrated with him but I do feel sympathy. Now he has the second chance and he really needs to take it. If he gets 4 pars and he loses then that’s unlucky so that should be the aim. Make Garcia match par all the way.

I’m watching this on ESPN and bizarrely I think it’s Con Murphy who is anchoring the coverage.

Great start from Padraig. 1 under plays 1 over. They were 3 great shots actually. Not a hint of panic.

Great stuff in the play-off, pretty much text book in the circumstances.

Delighted for him, his hyper son and his average wife.

Who was that hen that was hanging off Caroline? She was wearing one of those awful velvety type tracksuits that are so popular in inner city Dublin?

I think it was her sister and she’s actually married to Harrington’s caddy. Did anyone notice at the very end of BBC’s coverage as Lineker did the wrap up and the title music came on they cut down to the green for their last shot of Harrington and his son was beside him trying to grab the trophy off him and he shouted, ‘Can we put ladybirds in it?’ Mental little fooker!

the bottler was finally out-bottled

delighted for the guy, that’s a fantastic win and a real up yours to all his proud countrymen who said he didn’t have it in him to win a major (if i was arsed searching for the thread where he was discussed/slated i’d put a link in here). Maybe this win will also give him the confidence to upgrade to a semi decent looking bird

no need to search. I was one of the posters who said that. Not only that, but I told my dad on thursday not to back him as he will never win a major in his life. I told him to remeber me saying this, he will be like Monty and go through the rest of his career as the nearly man!

Im happy for him but he blew it on the 18th. Plain and simple, he bottled it yet again and if it was anybody other than Garcia who needed a par on the last to win it, they would have.