Hatton Mayweather fight online

How to watch this fight on TFK:

  1. This only works in Internet Explorer - it will fail if you try it with Firefox

  2. Make sure you’re logged in

  3. Go to the livesport page. (top menu, right hand side)

  4. Dowload Sopcast from the link on that page (or do it now at http://download.sopcast.com/download/SopCast.zip) This download can take a while when SopCast server is busy so do it now.

  5. Unzip SopCast and run it.

  6. Go back to the Live Sport page and choose a channel to view from the right hand side.

  7. Wait for SopCast to buffer. In all likelihood it will take a few minutes for any programme to start.

  8. The channels showing the fight are:

26262 (German: B Wire)
29737 (German: B Wire)
29915 (possible)
38501 (English - Sky I think)
33767 (way down near the bottom of the list under Stream Romania I think)
13249 (Spanish)

The 26262 B Wire channel is working at the moment so there’s no harm in opening any of them a good while before the fight and leaving them run so you can check the quality.

  1. If any of that fails the following links should work:


They will launch SopCast directly so you have to have downloaded SopCast first of all to get any of the above sites to work.

  1. If you’ve a problem with SopCast for any reason try:


This should just open it in an internet browser window so you just press play.

Tools you can use to speed up the connection (opening more connections):

For Windows XP:


If you got PPMate on your PC, it’s easier:

  • Startup PPMate.
  • With Version 1 .7.33 --> Click right mouse on the PPMate Icon --> TCP/IP Patch or select it from Options.
  • With the new Beta Version 2.0.0.x --> run XP TCP patch under “tools”.

For Windows Vista:

Safest tool: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/09/01/vistatcppatch-windows-vista-tcp-half-open-limit-auto-patcher-gui-version/

Or this tool:
http://defconoii.googlepages.com/vistapatch.zip , and more info can be found here: http://www.myp2p.eu/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16087

Now all P2P programs will run faster and the loading/buffering will also go faster.

The 33767 link Stream Romania (HBO) is the best at the moment, give it a few minutes and it works perfectly.

loads of links availablefor it