Hearts v Celtic

Deserved start for Lassad.

Forster, Lustig, Ambrose, Wilson, Mulgrew, Commons, Kayal, Wanyama, Ledley, Lassad, Hooper

Wilson back for Matthews too. Strong bench

Zaluska, Matthews, Miku, Samaras, Brown, Watt, McGeouch

I’m furious Hooper and Commons are starting. A joke.

is there any point in putting brown on the bench if he´s holding off on operation til after spartak match?..just rest him til then

Lennon seemed to be saying he doesn’t deteriorate from playing but that’s the opposite from what they said at the start of the season so who knows. I’d agree though that we shouldn’t use him even if we’re stuck if it has any impact on Spartak.

2 or 3 nil to celts tonite… :guns: :guns:

Lovely goal from Lassad :clap:

1-0 to the good guys

what a classy finish from lassad…Commons has been poor up to this and then pings a ridiculous pass onto lassad´s laces… :clap:

Away fans in fine voice. Lassad and Commons combining for the opener. Lassad continues to impress.

Noodles. :clap:

Ledley dragged to the ground at the edge of the box but it’s a Hearts throw in.

Lassad recognised the space really early for that goal. Sharp play.

Kayal has had a good game so far.

Decent chance for Mulgrew but fell to his right foot.

Lassad has had some really nice touches…

Ah lovely. Smart reactions from Lustig. Good ball across from Lassad originally and fair play to Lustig for following after his first pass.

So fuckin easy, oh this is so fuckin easy :clap:

hearts young team could totally fold here…this could be 4 or 5 if celtic want…

Lassad reminds me very much of Berbatov in his style of play, he’s very languid and composed on the ball and makes smart choices.

Fraser :clap:

What a save Forster.