Hey rock and bandage

why am i being bullied on this forum?

i would like to make a complaint against tiger woods for unprovoked abuse and also against bandage for same

hey rock, are ye going to Keohes for a few swifty wifties. me and blake are heading up to get jam jarred

I’ve soccer training this evening regrettably Oxo.

Im going to get locko having retired from my latest job today. But Im not going drinking with you you racist fook.

Are you officially leaving bandage?

At the beginning of the week I told Ball Ox not to ask me if I was going out between Monday and Wednesday because I said there was no chance. Now he says that I am going to Kehoes with him when I told him again earlier on TODAY that I wasnt going out.

And you wonder why people hate you?

PS Bandage check your PMs…

you keep changing your mind you spaz

Yes, I’ve made it clear I’m leaving as I’m on a Bosman what with my contract initially being for 6 months only. They got well pissed off that I didn’t intimate what my intentions were earlier. I replied that one week’s notice was the requirement set down by law for a 6 month initial contract and that a ‘probation period’ was just as much for me, the employee, as for them. If they can’t accept my right to leave then maybe they might look at the reasons why I was unhappy there in the first place. It’s too late to save me but some other poor fooker might be saved the anguish if they learn their lessons now! Seriously though, I’m fooking off and I have no other job. But what price is happiness at the end of the day? And I’m more than happy with my decision. I have just watched You’ll Never Walk Alone from last Tuesday night on the other thread and it puts all this inconsequential stuff like job, career and future into perspective. Wexford and Celtic first. Now and always. Le croi agus lamh.

I suppose that scuppers any chance of a testimonial and a big pay day from the employers? So just a week’s notice eh? Handy enough. You’ll have to give “dinger of a job” a call this time.