Hibernian vs. Celtic, Saturday 18th February

Lads, why is this not on TV?

It’s on Sunday on TV, Totti

The weeks excitement has obviously got to Totti

Cause the league is over


Up the ra!

I have been misled by this erroneous site - http://www.splfixtures.org.uk/ :shakefist: .

Apologies to one and all.

Up the RA. :ireland:

The Huns are going bust

Our devlopment squad are playing Huddersfield in a friendly today. The team is:

[font=Arial]Celtic Dev XI to face Huddersfield(4-4-2) Zaluska; Cha, Fraser, Blackman, Izaguirre; Commons, Ki, Juarez, McCourt; Ibrahim, Rasmussen (MH)[/font]

Development game finished 1-1 with Irvine getting the ghoal.

Good to see Izzy, Commons, McCourt and Ibrahim getting game time.

It’s cup weekend in England Totti and because Sky don’t have rights they go head-to-head with Scottish football. Good to have a 3pm game on tv anyway.

Izzy went off injured early on today. No news on how serious it is yet.

They said it was a knock on the website match report so I’d hope it’s nothing too serious. No Lustig yet, I’m surprised Loovens wasn’t involved either seeing as he has been back training.

There were also some crackers on the Goal of the Month competition if you seen it lads. Stokes goals against Dunfermline and Falkirk were top notch as were the goals from Brown and Forrest against St. Mirren. Stokes against Dunfermline would be my choice however.

Lads, have any of ye booked tickets online with Celtic yet? Have ye used the ticketfast option? Looking at tickets for the Motherwell game, I’d have usually got a pal of mine in Glasgow to get them for me but now the online booking section is there I will avail of it.

Is there any point to this league now since Rangers are about to become extinct?




The only reason for the league now is so that Celtic get to play in the Champions League each season. The league is hardly competitive now with Rangers in the shit.

Any excuse for Ireland to lord it over bigoted Scotland should be welcomed, with the exception of Rogbee Football, that’s just embarrassing.