Hidden Results - Yes or No?

Should the Cunt poll have hidden results? I’ve temporarily made the results of Match A hidden but we can open them up if necessary.

Its not like the Iotm poll so I wouldnt mind if the results werent hidden.

I don’t know.
With only one vote, you want people to vote for who they really want to rather than who they think will win.
I’d be inclined to leave it blind until the polls close.
The best barometer of cuntishness will result that way.


I say hidden so there are no distractions whatsoever for the electorate. It’ll be an incentive to simply vote your own way rather than potentially being led by what others have already done.

I tend to agree with keeping it private. This is about cuntage. Tactics shouldn’t come into it.

This could be dangerous times for the SSM( SouthSide Mafia) if this got brought in the Iotm Poll.

Hidden all the way. Just go with your heart and vote for that cunt.

I say keep em hidden rocko, no influencing the voters at the polling booth.