Homegrown Talent aka the rose of Tipperary Una Healy Super Thread

Fine brace of scallops. Fearfully expensive I’d bet.

David Haye has rightly mugged off Una Healy

This lovely lady will be leading Amhrain na bhFiann at Lansdowne tonight.



Shovin Connie around the green wha?

She’d hand it back to you less hard.

To be sure.

She is indeed a lovely lady. LL. I knew her well.


met her a few times myself, she is indeed a very lovely lady and incredibly personable

That’s a fair starting lineup.
She’s better than that Ferguson lad.

Was she born without a name?

Everyone is born without a name mate

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Gorgeous looking, great voice also tbf.

Everyone knows that Rex Ryan is the finest actor of the generation


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The full house of 41,000 rise to their feet in appreciation