Hope for the Inter Pro's?


The GAA Interprovincial hurling and football finals look set to make a return overseas following a meeting of Provincial Council chairmen.

It has been agreed that this year’s Interprovincial hurling decider will take place in Abu Dhabi next March, should a proposal from GAA All-Ireland SHC sponsor Etihad Airways receive the green light from Abu Dhabi tourism.

In previous years the finals were staged late in the year. Leinster, the reigning hurling champions, beat Munster in the 2008 final at Portlaoise last November.

Comhairle Ardoideachais (CA), who hold responsibility for Gaelic games in third-level colleges, had been offered the opportunity by GAA President Nickey Brennan at their Annual Convention last September to play this year’s Fitzgibbon Cup hurling decider in Abu Dhabi.

The offer was made after a request by Etihad Airways to play a high-profile hurling game in the Middle East was turned down. The airline were particularly eager that a senior inter-county championship tie be staged in Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, a proposal to stage the Interpro football final in London on St Patrick’s weekend has fallen through because of National Football League fixtures also taking place that same weekend.

The GAA’s Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) will consider an alternative date for this game shortly.

dont think its a good idea. something similar was done with the all stars trips, and fair enough, they get a good holiday for the player, but it doesnt really drum up any interest in support or fans. why cant they try promote it here and get people going to the games. have them under lights on a saturday evening. have the 2 finals in croke park like they did a couple of years back. promote the game here and get attendances up would what I think is the priority.

Yea I think they should put them on in Croker the week before the Club finals, under lights, give them some exposure. But I’ve been banging this drum for a while now.

They are complete morons, My Boy Blue. They put fcuk all into it and expect people to just turn up. They got 10k into Croke Park for it a while back but this was deemed unsuccessful just because of the size of Croke Park. They’ll stick at nothing, the next year it was on down in feckin Moneygall or somewhere.

It should be a fixed date every year.
It should be on in Croke Park.
It should be televised.
It should be advertised.

Playing it in the depths of November when the season is as good as over does it no favours…

March or April would be Ideal…

Maybe the Football Railway Cup should be slotted into the Club Finals day on the 17th March, obviously three games would be a bit much, but it’s often done in fairness. Wouldn’t the hurling Railway Cup be better if it was played before the Compromised Rules games, whether they be in Ireland or Australia. Moving it to Abu Dhabi is just a joke really, but if they’ll do nothing else with it, may aswell if it keeps the sponsors happy.

the people of abu dhabi are itching to get the railway cup over

Best suggestion I heard was to divide the hurling and the football. Club Football final and Interpro Football Final on in Croke Park on Paddys Day. Club Hurling Final and Interpro Hurling Final on in Thurles on Paddys Day.

Thats a good idea alright.
The argument against I guess is you would deprive club hurlers their day in Croke Park

Sean Og and his crew could enter the Railway Cup as South Munster, that would draw a crowd

[quote=“dancarter”]Thats a good idea alright.
The argument against I guess is you would deprive club hurlers their day in Croke Park[/quote]

Thurles is the “home of hurling” though Dan :smiley:

Scrap the inter pro’s altogether. Their day is well in the past. No use flogging a dead horse etc. No one gives a shit

id be inclined to agree. it serves no purpose any more, even lads from weak counties im sure would not rate the opportunity to tog for the province in front of 2 men and dog in the pissing rain.
the crowds will never return, we are on the verge of over exposure and the gaa should concentrate on getting decent crowds at qualifiers where 5-10k is becoming the norm

A great day for Cian and all the Deise boys. Gwan Waaaaaaahhhturfurd.

MUNSTER (vs. Connacht) - Brendan Cummins (Tipperary). Conor O’Brien (Tipperary), Declan Prendergast (Waterford), Eoin Murphy (Waterford). Benny Dunne (Tipperary), Michael Walsh (Waterford), Seamus Hickey (Limerick). Shane McGrath (Tipperary), Donal O’Grady (Limerick). Seamus Prendergast (Waterford), Ken McGrath (Waterford), Tony Griffin (Clare). Andrew O’Shaughnessy (Limerick), Stephen Molumphy (Waterford), Paul Kelly (Tipperary)
Subs: Clinton Hennessy (Waterford), Diarmaid Fitzgerald (Tipperary), Shane O’Sullivan (Waterford), Jonathan Clancy (Clare), Gerry O’Grady (Clare), Barry Johnson (Cork), Ray Ryan (Cork), James Woodlock (Tipperary), Gerry Quinn (Clare)

selectors - Len Gaynor (Tipperary - Manager), Ger Fitzgerald (Cork), Michael O’Riordan (Limerick), Alan Cunningham (Clare), Peter Queally

‘Linster’ team-

P.J. Ryan(Kilkenny)
David Franks (Offaly)
David Kenny (Offaly)
Jackie Tyrrell (Kilkenny)
Tommy Walsh (Kilkenny)
J.J. Delaney (Kilkenny)
Michael Jacob (Wexford)
Rory Hannify (Offaly)
Colin Farrell (Wexford)
Alan McCrabbe (Dublin)
Eoin Quigley (Wexford)
Diarmuid Lyng (Wexford)
Aidan Fogarty (Kilkenny)
Richie Power (Kilkenny)
Eddie Brennan (Kilkenny)

17 Brian Carroll (Offaly)
18 Martin Comerford (Kilkenny)
19 David OCallaghan (Dublin)
20 Stephen Clynch (Meath)
21 Stephen Hiney (Dublin)

5 subs? Weak enough effort there, maybe a few of the Kilkenny juniors might come along as well to make up the numbers.

Ah sure no point bring lads that aren’t going to play

[quote=“myboyblue”] Barry Johnson (Cork), Ray Ryan (Cork),

Fair play to them for picking two of the current Cork panel.

Is Rory Kinsella involved in the Leinster set up or something?