Huns v Celtic... Sunday morning

Big game on Sunday. Must win for Celtic really, a draw will be enough for the huns.

Some developments so far this week:

[]Robbie Keane had Paul McStay shinguards as a kid
]Alan McGregor got beaten up at the weekend and may not play
[]Celtic have complained to the SFA about the standard of refereeing. Robbie Keane was flagged offside 5 times incorrectly in one game last week.
]Malvinas Murderer Simon Weston (I think that’s his official nickname) will be the guest of honour for the huns. He’s sure to get a warm reception from the Celtic fans.

this could be very messy if mowbray goes out all guns blazing for a win…Rangers could really pick celtic off and bang in 4 or 5 at Ibrox…patience is the key for the hoops and try to grab a poxy 1 goal win.

With Celtic’s defence I just don’t think that’s possible. Rogne and Thomson did well together the last day but they’re both kids. Loovens may be back, same with Hooiveld but nobody seems to know at this stage.

I don’t see Celtic keeping a clean sheet anyway so think attacking them is the only way to go. Sensibly of course. We do need to try and limit them to some extent at the other end.

Worries for me:

Loovens… not great at the best of times. If he’s back from injury and not match fit he’ll be worse. He always looks shit against Miller (hard as that sounds)
Brown… reinstated into the team since his return from injury. Co-incided with an immediate problem in our midfield. McGeady’s suspension last week allowed Brown to play wider and the midfield functioned better. A partnership of Brown and N’Guemo just hasn’t worked so far.
Kamara… decent player but has looked a bit lost out wide and a bit unsure of himself. Sort of unbalances things but at least he’s an attacking outlet which stretches their midfield away from Aiden.

Ah now Kamara is shite.

Must be a big moment for Robbie Keane as a lifelong Glasgow Celtic fan, though he was also a lifelong Liverpool fan and Inter Milan…

Also hope Ronan Keating is available to attend.


There’s certainly no doubt that Robbie is “Lovin’ Each Day” as a Celtic player.

If they win this game they will be back in it.

All out attack to fuck - You have a shot, we have a shot.

Aiden McGeady has done fuck all for Celtic in the last year so its about time he made a bit of an impact.

You obviously didn’t read my first post properly. Come back and apologise when you’ve read the part about Keane having Paul McStay shinguards as a kid.

Are we still calling all Protestant associated teams Huns around here?

tut tut

im not sure.
unless celtic have entered into some type of playoff with the Mongolian league champions who are descendants of Atilla i cannot see see any other reference to a team called “Huns” in Scotland.
but then again these “fans” of scottish football are a pretty confused bunch…

Nope. If you read the Leinster Schools Cup thread you’ll see no references to Huns when Kings Hospital and High School etc were being discussed. It’s about more than religion Locke and frankly I’m disappointed at your generalisation.

I think your gettting Attila the Hun and Ghengis Khan mixed up there Mickee…


Good point. The geographical situation of King’s Hospital is perhaps a good metaphor for the religious aspect. The KH was separated from greater Palmerstown by the building of the M50. But the rest of Palmerstown wouldn’t stop that from keeping the school as an integral part of the community. So what did we do? We built a bridge. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we should all be trying to do? Trying to build bridges.

As the for the Huns, well they’re a different case. They can fuck off.

When’s the last time Celtic won there? Is it the 1-0 Zurawski game from 2006? That certainly needs to be rectified - not sure if it will be though.

Skippy McDonald’s piledriver last season. It’s not perhaps widely known that Skippy got his nickname due to his love of curling which began while he was at Motherwell and continued into his Celtic days. Most of his spare time was spent down at the local rink and he had a fine collection of stones and brushes kept under the stairs at home.

Christ, totally forgot about that.

Huns 0 - 1 Celtic
McDonald 58
Clydesdale Bank Premier League27th Dec 2008 KO 12:30 Ground: Ibrox Stadium Att: 50,403