Hurling All-Stars 2012


The full list is:

Goalkeepers: Anthony Nash (Cork), Nickie Quaid (Limerick), James Skehill (Galway).

Full Backs: Paul Murphy (Kilkenny), JJ Delaney (Kilkenny), Johnny Coen (Galway), Fergal Moore (Galway), Jackie Tyrell (Kilkenny), Richie McCarthy (Limerick), Michael Cahill (Tipperary), Kevin Hynes (Galway), Shane O’Neill (Cork).

Half Backs: Brian Hogan (Kilkenny), Brendan Bugler (Clare), Padraic Maher (Tipperary), David Collins (Galway), Michael Walsh (Waterford), Tony Óg Regan (Galway), Tommy Walsh (Kilkenny), Niall Donoghue (Galway), Kieran Joyce (Kilkenny).

Midfielders: Andy Smith (Galway), Kevin Moran (Waterford), Stephen Molumphy (Waterford), Pa Cronin (Cork), Iarla Tannian (Galway), Michael Fennelly (Kilkenny).

Half Forwards: Henry Shefflin (Kilkenny), Cyril Donnellan (Galway), Niall Burke (Galway), Patrick Bonnar Maher (Tipperary), TJ Reid (Kilkenny), Pa Burke (Tipperary), Damien Hayes (Galway), Danny Sutcliffe (Dublin), Richie Power (Kilkenny).

Full Forwards: Eoin Larkin (Kilkenny), Joe Canning (Galway), Noel McGrath (Tipperary), Patrick Horgan (Cork), John Mullane (Waterford), Brian O’Meara (Tipperary), Richie Hogan (Kilkenny), John Conlon (Clare), David Burke (Galway).

No nomination for Stephen O’Keeffe #farcical

For not even one of Wayne Mac,Gavin O 'Mahoney,Nial Moran and Shane Dowling to even get nominated is a fucking piss take,fuckin sudclife for Dublin?? fuck off.

Brian Hogan
Richie Hogan

That’ll be our lot

That list is rubbish. No Tom Condon who was outstanding all season until injury. Tommy Walsh gets in despite being anonymous all year? Wayne McNamara and Gavin O’Mahony were better. Fennelly gets in on what, one half decent game? Pa Burke and Sutcliffe ahead of Shane Dowling and Liam Watson? Really? Strong case for Niall Moran or Graham Mulcahy ahead of some of the ff line too.

Pa Bourke deserved his nomination, played well against both Limerick and Cork.
It’s between himself and Bonnar Maher for Tipp’s only All Star this year.

You want seven All Star nominations for Limerick for beating Laois, Antrim and Clare? Get up the yard!

D Burke

That’s our lot. Damien Hayes at a stretch

Ok when you put it that way you make me sound like a raving lunatic.

But, tommy Walsh gets a nomination for what? I merely pointed out other wing backs were better. Fennelly gets a nomination for what?

Condon I felt was our only player worthy of a nomination and is not included.

No recognition of Liam watson who should be ahead of 3 or 4 of those half forwards is bad. Screw it so should willie hyland. Shane Dooley, Niall Moran or dowling could be in ahead of some of those named too but those are more marginal.

All in all I think the list is very poorly selected.

Like it or not the two finalists always make up the bulk of the nominees, Liam Watson and Willie Hyland didn’t really do anything in the Championship to warrant a nomination. Danny Sutcliffe is the token Dub who seems to have been nominated on his league form.

I think I said on another thread Galway and KK will get 12 between them either 7-5 or 6-6 split, one each from Tipp, Cork and Waterford.

FWIW no way do Michael Cahill and Padraig Maher deserve to be nominated

Picking out the class of 2012

Comment by Diarmuid O’Flynn
Thursday, October 04, 2012
In looking through the nominations for the 2012 hurling All-Stars, I note what I would consider to be a few glaring omissions.
Nevertheless I would take a fairly safe bet that no matter what final 15 most hurling fans were going to choose, they will find some of them among those named here.

That’s not to say this selection will meet universal approval — no siree, it will not and I have my own problems with it.

There are many players who have had sterling seasons yet who find no mention here, and the unfortunate thing for those players is that the vast majority of them are from the hurling counties less glamorous, from the counties who didn’t make an impression in the latter stages of the championship.

It starts with the goalkeeper.

To my mind, Waterford’s Stephen O’Keeffe should have been in with a real shout of an All Star award this year, was outstanding every time I saw him. But would I have had him in there ahead of the three chosen? Tight call, very tight call — Nash, Quaid and Skehill all also had stellar years.

Then we go to the full-back line and here, the name that comes to mind is Clare’s Domhnall O’Donovan. God this guy had a year!

If you’re going to put one in, however, you’d have to take one out — due respect to Kevin Hynes, but he was taken by Richie Hogan last Sunday, was taken also a few times earlier in this campaign. I’d have had O’Donovan in here.

In the half-back line, I’d be looking at Rory Hanniffy of Offaly, again a lesser-sung county but Rory himself had a super year.

Who to omit? I know Kieran Joyce had two good All-Ireland finals but that’s not enough for me I’m afraid. Rory would have got my vote here, with Limerick’s Wayne McNamara also getting honourable mention.

In midfield what I consider to be a serious omission: in league and championship this year Limerick’s James Ryan was a veritable powerhouse every time he put on that green shirt.

County loyalty aside, and I know he too had a fine year, I’d have had Ryan ahead of Pa Cronin.

The half-forward line, and again I have a problem with a Limerick guy left on the sidelines — young Shane Dowling. Taking the whole year into account (as you should), Shane would be ahead of several of those chosen, including both Galwegians, Pa Bourke and — especially — Danny Sutcliffe. Way ahead.

In the inside line, again I have to wonder. Where is Shane Dooley, what did he do wrong this year? Conor McGrath likewise of Clare, another who carried a major part of his side’s burden, while yet another youngster, Niall O’Brien of Westmeath, deserves honourable mention. Who would I have in? Dooley definitely, perhaps McGrath, in place of any of at least three.

On the hurler of the year, no argument whatsoever, Henry Shefflin, Paul Murphy and Joe Canning are the three standout guys.

On the young hurler of the year, however, again I have serious questions, and again it’s about Shane Dowling. He practically carried his club, Na Piarsaigh, to an All-Ireland club final, then led the Limerick attack through the league campaign, and again in the championship. Then you look at Conor McGrath and what he did with both the Clare senior and U21 teams — how are those two overlooked? Either of them were far more influential for their teams than Dublin’s Danny Sutcliffe, while both Coen and Burke had their dodgy days for Galway, Coen in last Sunday’s All-Ireland senior final replay when he again struggled to contain the giant Walter Walsh, just as he’d struggled in the All-Ireland U21 semi-final.

Niall Burke too blew hot and cold, was substituted in a few of Galway’s games. No; for me both McGrath and Dowling (especially) should be in here.

The major point is though that all of this is very subjective, we all have our own opinions, and this is a great end-of-season way to generate a bit of additional discussion around the year that was. When it comes to such discussion only a few of us are infallible (you all know them) — I’m afraid I don’t fall into that category.

Anyway there they are now, all the inclusions and all the omissions; have your own fun with them

Shane Dooley hard done by here.

All Stars are a farce. Picking 45 hurlers from maybe 60 players that take the game seriously is way too many.

It’s the most under whelming selection I’ve seen in years though. Galways numerical advantage seems to be totally at odds with the fact that Kilkenny are League and All Ireland champions and we’re really only troubled for half an hour of both the Leinster and All Ireland finals.

KK should get Murphy, Tyrell, Delaney, Hogan, Joyce, Shefflin, Reid and Richie Hogan. 8

Galway Tannion, Canning and David Burke - maybe Collins. 3/4

Kevin Moran was excellent for Waterford and Patrick Maher was outstanding for Tipperary apart from the utterly bizarre decision by management to put him at full forward against Kilkenny.

Any of the 3 could get the goal keeping slot.

All in all a pile of gash. Some lads are rewarded for playing well and losing early, others are rewarded for playing well from August on and others are penalised for starring early in the year and having a poor semi final or final/replay.

Ahead of Johnny Coen

Jackie Tyrell is a great lad bursting out of defense with the ball but he got caught ball watching too many times this year to get an All Star. For example he had every advantage to collect Tannians delivery into the square for Galways first goal and made a complete hames of it.

The All Stars for fuck sake. Lads still get their knickers in a twist about this do they? Complete fucking joke-ya Tommy Walsh was outstanding all year. Michael Walsh? Directly responsible for at least 3 goals this year and cleaned in at least 2 matches. It’s like the Queens birthday honours lads-collect enough Weetabix tokens and you’ll eventually get one. Nominating any Dub for a hurling award is the wrongest thing anybody can do.

Coen was impressive in the semi and the first game alright but there’s the classic example of a lad that had a couple of good high profile games and then a couple of roastings by a roaster and he’s roasted.

And Tyrell? Why is he getting All Star?

Coz I picked him on my team. That’s why.

Terrible selection. What did Cahill, Padraic Maher, Tommy Walsh, Fennelly, Sutcliffe, Power and Mullane and McGrath do to deserve nominations? It’s a case of the usual suspects.

Surprised at the two players nominated from Limerick, Quaid was no better than average this year( though it was a poor year for goalkeepers), Richie MacCarthy did better than expected but surprised to see him get a nomination. Would have thought Condon and Wayne Mac would have been the two most likely nominees with maybe Niall Moran or Mulcahy as possibilities. How did Domhnall O Donovan not get nominated? Best Clare hurler this year.

Its all about the free wine mate.

It is a pretty fucked up list this year. Flynn’s article is on the mark.

The one I would add is Willie Hyland, we have seen a lot of Laois in the past two years and he has really impressed.

[quote=“Appendage, post: 716356”]

Coz I picked him on my team. That’s why.[/quote]

The resident board jester strikes again.