I am a young fella thats easy and bold

In Castletown Conner I’m very well known;
In Newcastle West I spent many a night With Kitty and Judy and Mary.

But my father rebuked for bein’ such a rake,
And for spending me time in such frolicsome ways,
But I n’er can forget the good nature of Jane
Ach fagaimid suid mar a ta se

There’s some say Im foolish, there’s some say Im wise
And I will find that there’s women that think its no crime

Can someone fire up a vid of Barney Mckenna playing ‘Kitty come down from Limerick’ -

I can’t find one on mobile device.

It’s the best slip jig bar none.

And I ne’er could forget the good nature of Jane
Agus fagaimid siud mar a ta se

Btw it is castletown Conyers.

If I chance for to go to the town of Rathkeale,
The girls all round me do flock on the square.
Some give me a bottle and others sweet cakes,
To treat me unknown to their parents,
There is one from Askeaton and one from the Pike,
Another from Ardagh, my heart was beguiled,
Tho’ being from the mountains her stockings are white
Agus fagaimid siud mar a ta se


For a son of King David had 10,000 wives,
Agus fagaimid siud mar ata se.

Ah lovely.

Here ye go lads, enjoy!


Hup hup hup


Thas a great rendition there from the Galway man.

If I chance for to go to the market at Croom,
With a cock in my hand and my pipes in full tune,
I am welcome at once and brought up to a room,
Where Bacchus is sporting with Venus.
There’s Peggy and Jane from the town of Bruree,
And Biddy from Bruff and we all on the spraoí,
Such a combing of locks as there was about me,
Agus fágaimíd siúd mar atá sé.

John Damer of Shronell has plenty of gold,

Though lord Devonshire’s treasure’s were twenty times more,

But he’s lying on his back amongst nettles and stones,

Agus fagaimid mar a ata se.