I Can No Longer

Watch professional soccer. It bores me to tears.


I must away now,
I can no longer tarry


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NFL and NH horse racing should be enough to keep you going until the GAA season gets going next year.


Drink pints at a steady rate, I was half pissed after 2 pints a couple of weeks ago


NFL anyway…I’m enjoying playing and watching junior soccer.

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Good for you mate

The hurling segues nicely into nfl season, but February is a real cunt, only the club semi finals to look forward too, the 6 nations is gone as boring as soccer. Hopefully my newly developed interest in hockey will help. Or i could socialise more. Fuck that.

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You’re watching the wrong Pro Football.

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a guy who supports a team he has no links to & who watches football on telly finally realizes he has been living a lie

Millions more are still living that lie…

I doubt that, the cowardly, feigning injury and diving culture are even worse outside the EPL.

Millions now living will never die.

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Nobody gives a fuck in the EPL, they go there for the easy money. Filled to the brim with African mercenaries and the like.

Outside the big teams in the other big European top flights, the players are rather modestly paid and generally play with hunger and professionalism.

Diving, feigning injury and a general cowardice are a big part of a lot of European cultures… Spain, Italy, Greece etc. etc…this translates to the football field… It’s disgusting… The game is dead. I’m done with watching it at a professional level. LOI and junior soccer give me what I need.


The English have always been the biggest cheats in the game, they’ve just brainwashed you with their xenophobia.

I don’t watch English football, mate. I’ve watched all leagues at one time or another, thankfully my eyes are open and i now only watch purer versions of the game.

make an effort to post on this forum since it was ruined by @Rocko
it just sucks the life out of me now
i was going to do a grand post previewing maccabi tel aviv’s team for the game v chelsea but i just cant…

@ChocolateMice has made decent points above tho, the dishonesty in professional football is atrocious and the EPL is no way the worst offendor, the site of Ramos et al back out again for another year of wall to wall cheating with Mascherano, Cavani makes you want to turn it off… at least Costa and that lad Stones manned up and went at it last saturday… Lewandowski in the Aviva last March was a low point , an utter cheat of a player… it would make you want to turn it off

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Football died with Noel Baxter, Vic Guthrie, Steve Naylor, Carl Hunt, Neville Jones et al

Playacting and theatrics have always been part of the parcel with football. Stick to the rugby if you’ve a problem with it, lads.