I completed my 32 county conquest last weekend

I have been in every county in Ireland. Leitrim was the only place I was never in.
Done and dusted.

When you say been in, you mean balls deep?

I’ve never been to Meath.


lol No mate I only wish. I thought that word conquest might lead to some confusion. I had to travel up north so I decided to take the scenic route. Through Roscommon and into Carrick on Shannon - Drunshambo- Dowra - Blacklion - Belcoo- Enniskillen and on the long way round to Belfast.
The weather was overcast but from what I saw of it it’s a beautiful county. Particularly along the shore of Lough Allen driving north out of Drunshambo. I stopped before Blacklion to put on a shirt before I crossed the border, just in case there was a checkpoint. No checkpoint though.

I’d been in every county in Ireland by the time I was 8 years old*, pal.

So there.

*I was in Waterford when I was a baby, apparently, but have no memory of that, and wasn’t there again until I was 26.

Great to hear. Can anyone beat that?

Need to go to Donegal to hit 32. Been on the bucket list for a while now

It was a few years back. I had a filthy weekend away there with a fine sort from Armagh. I stayed the night in Letterkenny, was lucky enough to get the Presidential Suite as it was the only room available in the Hotel. Done a tour of the Inishowen peninsula the following day. A beautiful place.

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