I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Ice Tea?


We have you buddy. We’re Inside your head.
NYE and you’re sending pictures of your drinks. You’re in too deep now. Just get another 3 ( four) users like you and you’ll make platinum status.


Small Pats?


You will be wondering in the morning why you feel so ill and the answer is the cheap mixer you have put into the (already) diluted spirits there.


I fear we will never win an all Ireland when the Young in the county do this on this thread.


We wouldn’t win anyway.



I was served this up last week. It’s like a fucking Halloween costume. The bar was darkish so it didn’t look as bad at first glance. The camera flash gave a proper view of it. The barman was thankful his boss wasn’t around and gave me a fresh one for free.


Sooner yours than Macs . Them glasses are an abomination .


How didn’t those shoes get a mention. Mother of god.


:open_mouth: he must have been out with the lad from Crystal Swing, mother of God.


Did you get a flake with those pints.


You must have been acting the cunt that night @mac.


Here’s the rest of his costume.

[quote=“TreatyStones, post:210, topic:2207, full:true”]
How didn’t those shoes get a mention. Mother of god.


A heavy head wears the crown - transport related




The RPSI would be a fairly Protestant organisation so you’d reckon they’d know how to pour a Guinness


Is that on a train?


Santa express


Not a bad looking pint in those circumstances