I only drink so I can take photos of pints


I ate the top with a spoon


You’ll sleep like a baby for the afternoon


I’ll just finish these off before the camogie
image https://tfk.thefreekick.com/uploads/default/original/3X/6/0/60095d2aa7ca4e0be38ad90a6e2252e503305c23.jpg


You are some man.


Notice how I’ve gotten bolder with the camera as well, I don’t give a fuck now, I’m snapping all round me, a few hours ago I had the phone hidden in my hand like a schoolboy with a fag


You’ll see about 5 minutes of it


A few chips with gravy would be deadly after a few lunchtime pints.


Cant bate it


I’m thinking of going on the whiskeys now, pity there’s no thread for me to post a picture of a small quantity of amber liquid in a small glass


Be the hokey. All the Carkies breaking rank


Would you not go out for a pint yourself??


You still on the fags?


I’ll think I’ll go into town later on for a couple.


Not yet


There’s still time. Read Alan Carr’s ‘the easy way’ backwards


Yerrah the 100 fags a year i smoke wont kill me pal


I’d say I’m a 40 a year man, hard to believe that people still smoke every day in this day and age


Jeez, I was gasping.



Did you need a knife and fork for that? Atin and drinkin as the lads say


I demolished it.