I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Picked up a can of this in Aldi
Very refreshing tac. Plus at 6%, there’s a nice kick to it.


Better in the gay beer thread mike


I’m gone mad on it today.




Granny Annies, Derry.
This is a very silly pub.


I know- and they’ve made it into a franchise


The seared salmon was very good though.
In the Bentley earlier, the attractive blond barmaid was all smiles asking me what I’d like to drink. The look of complete disgust when she heard my accent was a sight to behold. These loyalists just can’t take a joke.


What are you doing in a loyalist shithole?


I’m surprised you took your eyes off her cleavage long enough to notice.
I’d say a Tuesday night in Derry would be grim enough. Peadar o’donnels might be your best bet


Scoping it out mate, active service and all that


Thanks for the tip, we’ll look into it. The chap running the Band B looked a bit Proddy so probably sent us into enemy territory, even though we’re all pals now.
Was watching an incident on the bridge earlier where someone was apparently knocked down. Jesus, pure keystone cops stuff from the peelers when they arrived, parking across two lanes, no one directing traffic, lads hanging out of windows giving it to them. Couldn’t organise a a shoot to kill.policy in a brothel.


Not all Irish people like Home and Away mate.


Don’t underestimate them. That bridge is serious in the wind, there was a lorry blown into the Foyle a while back. (it’s actually two bridges about a foot apart)


You are an intolerant one eyed halfwit. Unlikely that was accent related


Well earned after a hard days work


can’t bate a pint at half 8 in the morning sometimes


Peader’s cc @glenshane
Handy pints sans wife or child, the joy.


Looks a nice one.


It’s the second best pint I’ve had since I got home, it’s only gorgeous.