I only drink so I can take photos of pints


You’ll have lads driven mad here Fitzy. Pictures like that on a Friday afternoon can make fellas daft.


Why Derry, bro?


Why not?


Mrs Fitzy visited here a long time ago and enjoyed it and I used to come here in the 90’s when I worked in Letterkenny and loved the place. It’s a cracking city. We also wanted Fitzy Jnr to understand some of what happened here. We went on a taxi tour of the Bogside yesterday. I was quite sceptical about it, but our driver, Neil, was most engaging and knowledgeable and I enjoyed it tremendously. He was very good and I think appreciated our genuine interest and took us up to Martin’s grave and spent an extra hour with us for free, would only charge us for the first hour. Cc @chocolatemice




This is supposed to be a good spot. Haven’t got round to it myself


We were in Fitzroy’s for dinner last night. It was fucking brilliant.


Call into the 51 while you’re home. We can get the young fella inducted into the Pretend IRA.


Some lads just come in here and laid into the barman, giving him shite about something or other, there may be fisticuffs here in a minute.


I’m already in the Ra so he’ll take over the family position.


I wish they’d get on with it cos I have a pint waiting.


Thank fuck for that.
I had forgotten what an utter joy it is to have a pint on your own in an Irish pub in the middle of the afternoon.


you are in the UK mate


It’s still an Irish pub .


On what island?


Irish in the way Waxy O’Connors in Leicester square is


I am in my fucking hole
This is Derry pal.



The I. The I. The I.R.A


it’s on the island of Ireland . Look as well you know, be you a Clare roaster , a rugby head from D4 or a loyalist from the Shankhill Road , once in London you are a paddy or a Mick .


@Tassotti is all 3 of them