I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Is that one of the Irish theme pubs English lads flock to so they can temporarily forget they’re from a nation of wankers? There seems to be a huge market over there


Where you’re a Paddy a Biddy or a Mick
Good for nothing but stacking a brick
And you’re best mates a spade and he carries a hod
Two workhorses heavily shod


Did you pay for it in euros or pounds?


A fellow told me the other night there is now no Irish ran pub on Kilburn High Road . He lived in London for 30 years .


Kilburn is a eastern European hellhole now.



Why are you drinking in the dark?




The lighting in this pub isn’t great.


That’s a superb looking pint.


What do.you pay your underage hookers in?


Good Guinness in Drom. In one of the pubs anyway :smirk:



Any place that charges more than a fiver for a pint of plain in Dublin City Centre should be shut down


Welcome home, pal!


Mac mate seriously where are you going to get a pint for less than 5 in Dublin?


Palace Bar on Fleet Street and Bowes on Fleet Street both charge a fiver as far as I remember.


I-l Remember that


Don’t mind that auld bollix.You’re on holidays.Unlike that fucker who’s on a permanent one.