I only drink so I can take photos of pints




Decent pint


Not my vapour btw


The location


The punts in their plastic


This is a fine spot


Enjoying the scenery?




Congrats to yourself and Mrs Massey. You may as well enjoy the pints now as that window will swiftly close when the babog is born.


savage looking pint of Heinlein, lovely and crisp, you really can’t beat a pint of Heineken sometimes


Looks like the Marts


Clonmel lager is absolute piss. The head is lifting off me. I should sue the bastards.


I almost always drink pints of Heineken now in pubs. I started out on Heineken as a young fella, went away from it for a few years, but I am back full circle again. I’d often have Heineken in the fridge at home too.


I started on harp, then Smith wicks then Guinness which, in my innocence, I saw as the natural progression from boy to man.
I’m thinking of trying smithwick again at some point.


Any pub ever have a Dutch Gold tap for the craic? Is there such thing.


Smithwicks is grand harmless stuff - you’d drink 20 or 30 pints of it and still be sober tho. I’d rather have a diet coke than Heineken/Carlsberg/Carling et al.


That’s the way it was in those days.


Would you hide the naggin of Vodka in princess’ handbag?


Thankfully, that practice wasn’t around when I was coming up… the amount of degenerates arriving into towns these days finishing off concoctions/ naggins etc is ridiculous.

I had 3 lovely pints of Murphys on Saturday night. Unreal.


Lot of Tinker yuss in NCW Saturday night. You missed out :grinning: