I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Some sort of ale I’m having in Bristol. I’ve had some godawful beers here but some decent ones and this is the best, despite the awful name. England really needs a national pint abd they need better pint glasses.




Where are you drinking at 4.30am mate?


The airport. A four night business trip /piss up.


Where you off to? Can’t be too stressful of a day ahead if you’re on the booze before the early risers have even posted yet.


You’re some man for one man. I can’t think of any scenario where I could face a pint at 4.30AM, must be getting old.


Off to Northern Italy. Bergamo, possibly mantova, possibly somewhere else.
No stress other than the possibility of missing a train and having to wait half an hour for the next one.
I’ll bump into a few old pals, talk shite, eat great food, drink sparkling red wine, along with everything else, and allow myself a few cigarettes. I’ll do a serious amount of leching and perving from behind my shades.
I’ll be a very hard man to annoy.
What are you doing up yourself? Oz?


I’m away for another. Cute Hoor IPA. Very nice it is.


And here she is. There’s a lot of nahalies in the airport. In great spirits too.


Northern Italy is a wonderful spot, sensational food. Try and get the lads to chip in for a good Barolo.


Will do. One of the eejits is in the habit of asking for a couple of recommendations, and then announcing that he’ll have two bottles of each. We’ll take it in turns to pay for the meal- there’ll be some game or other to settle the wine bill


You and your mates insist upon yourselves


bring me back a bag of bigoli pasta.


In other news…


Is this what you’re looking for?


You wouldn’t get that carry on in India…






Have you broken into a closed pub?