I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Was he the fella who posted up a photo from google on this thread?


It appears so — in some kind of counter movement he has been posting up images of pints from google - a form of ironic protest. I wasnt aware of his rebellious stance but I recently found myself on the end of a sting when I mistakenly pointed out on another thread that he posts pictures of pints … I was left rather red faced when I discovered they were pretend pints.

I generally route for the underdog and love a good protest but I havent been able to generate a taste for this one.


He’s too smart for here, he constantly has the place dancing to his tune, its incredible how he does it.


They were all from this thread in recent months, I never had to google because a pint of stout is a pint of stout, taking a photograph of one while out in a pub is very strange behaviour but in a like driven society it’s to be expected I suppose


But you’ve posted plenty of pictures of dinners and tackies, have you not? What’s the difference?


Draw a map for him or what?


I’m on me holidays.


You are awful fond of porter


Aren’t we all


In The Celt for the first time. Great call from @Big_Ducky_Moloney





Badly Lit Pints of Guinness with @Batigol


Could somebody update the offline TFK gangs thread for @PhattPike and @Batigol please?


There’s goes any respect I had for @Batigol.


The early risers club still going strong :muscle:


I’m rocked to my core by this


That I had respect for you?


That you have an opinion of me.

It’s not mutual


The company you keep speaks volumes about you.