I only drink so I can take photos of pints


It’s desperate what a man has to do to take the edge off


Can never understand how lads feel a drink takes the edge off.

For me only a Doob or Sex takes it off.


I see you gave ‘doob’ and ‘sex’ capitals. Were you aware of this?


First of many for the next week :sunny:️:beer:


I can’t get my head around it


Nice hat, are you off to the sun?


Collars up!

Enjoy the break @Bod95.


That’s a lad going on a golfing holiday if I ever saw one.


That’s an excited sex tourist in the airport if I ever saw one.


Schoolboy error by @Bod95 in fairness. Excellent reply’s by the TFK CSI squad


CC @Mac @Loko_Cove


Bit cloudy for Coopers? I’m guessing it’s a Hangman and you are in the Diggers punting on Moonee Valley while waiting for your T-Bone steak…


Coopers. CBH. Snapper with extra tartare.


You’ve changed :joy:


Family holiday with the missus and the youngest




Were you on your own?


What dickhead changed the thread title?


Please change it back …

cc @Bandage - please restore my powers to edit threads so I can ward off the wankers who change thread titles.


No, you’re being punished for posting porn lately.