I only drink so I can take photos of pints



That’s fine and justified — But I need something to work towards here to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I’m not and never will be a thread title changing wanker.

A 1 month sentence?


The usual dickhead I’d say.


Lanza, playa side??


And Na Piarsaigh in a county Final tomorrow.


Like most na Piarsaigh supporters, he’ll probably wait for the Munster final.


PDC will watch the county final in the dugout tomorrow nite


No, one of the Carrickroe McKennas was over for a week. I’ve been forced to cancel squash this morning :face_vomiting:


Sorry, meant Puerto rather than playa side. Have a great trip :+1:


Lovely pint of Cork lager with a frothy bit on top.


Holy fuck.


Out of Franciscan Well Brewery. Lovely pint.


it’s actually a tiger beer


That Archways is terrible bland shit.
It’s what you’d expect a middle aged accountant who think he’s trendy to drink.


Where am I?


Cark Airport.


Was it the weirdo walking by that gave it away?


The same dope was lashing into hop house 13 last year.Id say if you pissed in a glass and gave it a fancy name @Bandage would drink it.


Next question. Where the fuck am I going?


Bangkok or Amsterdam


Onto the plane.