I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Good, the rest of us have forgotten.


You are supposed to drink the whiskey while waiting for the Guinness but sure I suppose then you wouldn’t have been able to take a photo of them together.


I do my own thing


You’ve missed the point there pal


What do you mean ?


I never got that whole chaser thing.


Neither did @Cicero_Dandi


A drop of something before the first pint takes the thirst off you and you’d enjoy the pints more is the most plausible explanation Iv been given


I was told that mixing beer and spirit left the optimal dilution factor for maximum alcohol absorption in your stomach, so you get drunker quicker.


When was the last time you posted on the early risers thread?


Or that you are simply drinking more alcohol?


That actually makes sense.


TFK is great to make you feel good about yourself, no matter how low I feel I know that there’s lads much worse off than me.


True that @Bandage and @TreatyStones must be having some ‘home issues’, if they spent more time with their respective families and less time trying to score cheap shots on my behalf they’d be must happier men. But sure thats none of my business.


No wonder you are so bad tempered.


U ok hun xxx


Get a load of that shite.


He’s some fuckin dose.


I’m the absolute finest, not drinking alone and atmospherically photographing my pints :neutral_face:


Are you away from your missus tonight?