I only drink so I can take photos of pints


What are you doing here then




I’d often take a picture of a pint throw it up on the whatsapp group then refuse to answer the usual “Where you? Who you with? What you at?” Questions.

Adds a bit of mystery to my life.


Real friends :astonished:


Yeah there’s two of us in my whatsapp ‘group’


Next ones waiting when you come back from your smoke bro


Is that a Galway city pub? Reminds me of the Old Forge where I put down a weekend or two


What is it with all ye cunts? Just when I’m nice a comfy on the couch and not even contemplating a drink, ye have this uncanny knack of posting this shit up and have me bursting for a pint at exactly the wrong/right time.




Further wesht


Estrella. Winchester. United Kingdom.

Piss water




Im reasonably sure that I was the only non alcoholic at the bar.


I had a lovely pint there a few weeks ago. Christ they made some fuck out of Barna. Ti’s neither here nor there.


That’s galway for you. Any direction


North Kildare


A pint of Freeneys.


That’s a cracking pub.


Noble pint. you can sense it settling from here

Noble pint also from @farmerinthecity although the scene is missing a copy of the Leitrim Herald or Leitrim Observer or whatever it’s called


Not this week mate. Didn’t get a chance to pick it up.