I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Great pub.


A weekday scoop and a catch up on the court scene and GAA affairs in the home county seems to be a lovely little tradition of yours


Best thread on the internet :grinning:


It’s bliss for me bro. Simple pleasures and all that.


There’s a turf fire on here lads, it’s an unreal atmosphere.


@Locke should come in here for an aul gander


I love the earnest replies to pictures of a pint the best


Fuck off back to your Bacardi Breezer.


It’s a noble thread, better than 90% of the shite on here


Go home to yere families lads ffs, its half 6 of a Thursday evening


You’ve the phone in one hand and the pint in the other telling us about the great atmosphere in the pub :rofl:


Freeneys is a hell of a pub.


I can understand if lads go for a few pints if all that’s waiting for them is a depressed wife and some burnt Donegal Catch at home.


The head looks way too big and it’s not even settled yet.




True that. The local District Justice would I’d imagine be known to Farmer and he’s monitoring his move from poacher to gamekeeper which is worth watching.
On the GAA front he’s just there mumbling “cunts” under his breath as success eludes his native parish again. Hi KPK.


You lucky bastard. Freenys is a great spot.


Poacher come gamekeeper to describe Kevin P.



Jaysus for a man who invented bobbing and weaving with the truth in an earlier incarnation he’s fucking nothing short of viscious with some of his sentences. He was on the Letterkenny circuit in the early days and he fined some poor cunt 2.5 grand and banned him for 10 years for what he’d term himself “fuck all”. I like him though, a witty fucker with a rake of good yarns.


When drinking I’m a frequent poster on this thread