I only drink so I can take photos of pints


South County btw

cc @caoimhaoin


I can tell from that photo alone that’s grand place to have a pint, wherever it is


Great spot


Like every pub in Douglas it’s gone downhill a bit but it could be the best of the lot now really, I used to love Johnno’s but it’s gone to shit


Full of twats.
I’m going to ab x-mass party there in a few weeks. Should be good really but i hate giving that ignoramous the money too.


This would be a good angle for a training group gimmick.


Ironically its a gym party😂


The royal oak has changed hands in the past year. New management intent on ruining it.


We went across to Johnnos for one too and it was shit. Has been shit for a while.
Xmas drinks in Barry’s in a couple of weeks :unamused:


Hob knobbing it Locke


Hadn’t been there in a while. That’s a pity. What’s new about the place?


The daughters have taken over. Got rid of a few of the old barmen. They want to bring in food and turn it into some type of hipster place.



That’s lovely looking pint. Is that a proper shitty pub or a faux shitty pub ?


It’s got it’s own halo and all.


Foley’s on Merrion Row, a proper pub



There’s a lovely chemical shine off that


It’s a stress reliever boys. Clutch went in the car tonight on a slip road from the m50. Tow truck left me off at the pub.


Must be the feature lighting