I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Dead right. They should take your lead and get home early for a bit of Donegal Catch left in the oven by the Mrs, followed by a half bottle of whiskey in the spare room.


A depressed wife? is this the poster you have evolved into?

You should be fucking ashamed of yourself


They should go home, and you should get a life because youre a really really boring bastard.


The family man of the year on here giving it big licks about lads going home :joy::joy::joy:


I’m wise to ye tonight. Picked up a few cans on the way home from work.



C’mere to me… A lot of commotion in the square on Halloween night I believe.


I noticed that in terms of his carry on as a judge. Very cut throat. I wouldn’t be a fan of the man myself from my limited knowledge of him but there ya go.


You rattled cages something awful if this is the aul yarn they keep throwing at you. :smile:


The most fatal bit of Donegal catch in internet history


It definitely won’t be forgotten in a hurry. :smile:


What cans did you get? Gonna need proof.


Go on…



50 of em from 13-16.falling all over the estate drunk… Guards turned up and one of the kids bottled one of them. They were running amuck on the big green area behind the pub …I was out the door to them at one stage.


he has them hopping like a bit of Donegal Catch in a deep fat fryer


Dried Donegal catch & Aids etc etc.

It’s actually disturbing how riled up he gets them.


he has destroyed their lives


You can get it posted to your door every week for an annual subscription of €285.



Where’s that mate? Looks familiar