I only drink so I can take photos of pints


I know the pub well.

Questionable as to the date of that picture though.



What did the others have?


Some amount and variety of crisps for sale there .


One in honour of The @Joe_ show. Rest in Peace.



Dublin City Centre


Rest well Joe


I’m half buckled here lads


Pints of Schweppes?


2 litres to be exact.


Feeling bad or mixing your whiskey?


No kid. On its own. Mixing alcohol with the chemo wouldnt be advised


If it’s any consolation I’m just about to kick things off with a manhatton.


Don’t even have the longing kid. Doctor said I can have a few over the weekend if I want as I’m not back on the chemo unti Monday. But I had my last dose there around tea time, so wouldn’t go down the best


All in good time. It’ll add years to your life this carry on!


They say, or at least my wife does and she’s in the cancer care profession, that people who are used to having a few drinks suffer less with side effects from the chemo.
Have a few ‘medicinals’ every chance you get pal.


Ah maybe tomorrow night kid. I’ve no more chemo until.Monday and the belly is a bit ropey.


Ah sure a few like.


How often are you getting it Mike?


5 days a week chemo and radium until january 4th