I only drink so I can take photos of pints


All the best Mike.


Cheers chief


Some man mike - tough going.

Have a buddy who thought he got all clear but on double previous dosage.

She’s a grueller - best of luck to ye.


Jaysus that’s harsh going. Best of luck with it. I’d say it has you flattened. On the bright side, at least you’re not fucking around the store rooms of Dunnes Stores at this time of year.


I miss it something fucking wicked Mac.


Are the managers in Dunnes still a shower of power tripping cunts?


Good day to open that bottle of midleton!


Need to wear a rubber while on the chemo though, remember that @iron_mike




All the time, or just while drinking?


Only while riding iirc


That’s a hard road but I’d say you’d be the man for it. Good luck.


If the next 4 weeks go like this week, I’ll be happy.
Job is Oxo


@iron_mike, I’m bananas, but I wish you the best. Life is a cunt of a thing


You’ll have your ups and downs Mike, but if you keep your spirits up and try and stick to your routine as best you can, you will get through this. I have a close relative going through similar and I’m simply amazed at how well he is handling it.


A positive outlook is hugely important, Mike will walk all over that Cancer like Limerick do to all their opponents

My own mother has had a relapse and is currently being assessed for some clinical trial, she’s a fierce battler and would never let you know she’s down but it’s a cunt of a thing to be facing now around Christmas as well


All the best to your Mum.


Best of luck to @iron_mike and @backinatracksuit’s mum. Our health (physical and mental) is far and away our most important asset and unfortunately one that is taken for granted far too often.


I’m sorry to hear that chief. Yup definitely not the best news this time of the year and I don’t even know what to say as everyone reacts in a different manner.
I have no doubt that you know yourself the best way for you and your family to deal with this and I wish you all the best


All the best to your mother my own mother had it six years ago and treated it like a minor inconvenience she’s been flying it ever since being positive is key in my opinion like @iron_mike