I only drink so I can take photos of pints



Edit: actually maybe I’m thinking of the one beside it. Which one is on the corner ?




Foleys is on corner. Meh as right


@Ebeneezer_Goode is long banned from there


Incorrect. Foley’s is the next one in


That doesn’t surprise me


We go again


Are you in the civil service?


Barbour racing jacket :clap:


Lovely bit of product placement by @mac


Jaysus you’re cursed with that car. Back to coogee, Ireland clearly doesn’t want you.


Not a fucking hope. The bald lad behind the bar is related to me by marriage. If any of you are in here give him abuse.


Banty McEnaney owns Foley’s on Merrion Row these days, or at least owns the lease on it.

cc @Mac.


That is correct @bandage


The finest jacket I’ve ever owned


She’ll be gone in the new year. Tonight was the second last nail in the coffin. The new clutch bill will be the final nail. I want me Holden back.


Are you drinking pints with seagulls mate?


Why do you want to know? Are you looking to drive over something on your way home?



A noble bottle of Ballygowan