I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Thanks mate, I’d say Twas about 4 years ago she had the first go round, she coped brilliantly but it was tough on her and she hated the chemo, the thoughts of it now are difficult, she’s a widow but is incredibly active and being laid up is a huge pain for her, she’s hoping this trial will work out for her though I know fuck all about the ins and outs


Sorry to hear that pal. Hope it works out, she sounds like a battler.


Best of luck to your mam mate.


Sincere best wishes



The coffee thread is just down the page



What is that? Have youse Derry men gone mad altogether?


I’m just on the cure. 2 x chieftan ipas. Worked a treat. More drink to follow


All the best mate.


Ah I’m good kid. A minor inconvenience when compared to some of the poor counts I’ve met in the cancer centre during the week. Thanks for your good wishes


Good man Mike, that’s the truth of it unfortunately. No matter how bleak the outlook there’s thousands here in worse predicaments.
Keep the chin up and the chest out and you’ll bate the bastard.

Good wishes to @backinatracksuit. Hope your Mam gets good news .


That’s true, but don’t forget to look after yourself and don’t take it all too lightly. Don’t be afraid to be selfish either.


Na Piarsaigh GAA Club, new bar.


Put away the phone to fuck or Dowling will be over looking for a snap


He’s on a stag in Newcastle. So I’m safe enough.


That’s as good a pint as I’ve seen in a long time


He will be grand there as no one there has an interest in hurling . That said if he goes a few miles out the road to Feoghanagh he would get mobbed .


That’s a belter mate


No. Not really. But then I’ve been at it for years.
If you’re anyway hesitant, they’re all over you like a rash. Be assertive and honest with them and it’s a win win.