I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Very modern looking. What’s €7.50 @Locke


Only logging back on lads

@chocolatemice, was in Midleton so hope that move went well for you
@Julio_Geordio, can’t remember, some gin and tonic combo I’m sure

6 pints and I’m goosed for the day. But in fairness to bus eireann got the 10:55 bus back into town and I was home and all for 11:30, great service


North Kildare


Talbot street, one of the best pubs in Dublin

Pure cream, carthy. Pure cream!


That’s quality👍


Great pubs don’t have salt and pepper on the tables


Ya but they do have a signed picture of Curly Watts


It’d certainly do no harm.


Much to my chargrin, the picture of Fresco’s finest has long been removed.

Probably because I made a big deal ifvthw legend that is Curly one night


A delicious Creme de Menthe in North Wexford this evening. (Excuse my hirsute chest).


Is this from @steamboatsam wedding?



Rocko the star of the show


If any of you fuckers have any questions I’m here for you




Have you something to say Harold?


I had 7 pints of guinness yesterday evening. Came home and had a few slices of brown bread and spiced beef and watched an episode of Narcos.

Awake since 5am with the galloping fear :man_shrugging: whats that about


It’s because you forgot to take seven pictures of seven pints, you’re now doubting you even had them


You’re getting old.


You should have had another 3 pints. That would have sorted it


It’s the spiced beef late at night that did the damage