I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Undoubted. Still though


Was only 8 o clock when I ate it :worried:


The weirdest thing about that is you count your pints??


We missed you after you were put to bed, mate.


Depleted dopamine. Go for a long walk or if you can manage it a run and you will be grand.


You got a Mickey Finn in the last pint. Have you a sore arse and a missing hour?




Spiced beef… Unrale.




Cork is easily the best place in Ireland at Christmas… They just do it right.


A cunt of a place to get a taxi though


You’d want to have it booked before you go into town.


Good craic in the taxi ranks late at night though


Some serious finger banging going on.


Not when it’s pissing rain.

Had to walk home Friday night :rage:


Even the queues in Cork are great, they have that something special that queues in other places just don’t have.


The indoor ones mate


Obviously mate, it’s Carkies


You made a rookie mistake not banging a work colleague with accommodation in close proximity to the event. Shambolic effort tbh.

Sex is sex and staying dry while banging a rough yoke is well worth it.


Amen to that.