I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Christ almighty…



A bit embarrassed to be taking a photo of a pint there I’d say.

Looks like a decent pint all the same.



Fantastic presentation as always.


That’s a lovely crisp looking pint.


Lovely hurling.

Are you at a function mate?


I’d drink that


Yes I am. A Presentation.


Enjoy it pal


A lovely pint in the Strand there.


A couple of early ones in CMX before heading back for a few in the house on the last of (thankfully) 3 (three) nights in Monaghan:


Having a few hear at home. Will watch the kk match, then maybe a film and will hit the leaba around 11


Lads letting on their going to bed at half ten on a new year’s eve. Jesus give my head peace. Talk about stale banter


I said 11


Is there many roasters there mate?


Don’t spill any liqour on the book mike .


A pint and a 12 year old Redbreast chaser before the mad rush. Will head on home here in a minute. Every health and happiness lads.


That’s great .


Will you be in bed at half 11