I only drink so I can take photos of pints




That’s what u call a pint👍


Half 11 tomorrow maybe


No sir. I said to the mam earlier that I was only going out for a couple of hours. She somehow got it into her head that I was coming home early so she wouldn’t be at home alone for New year’s. But I brushed those thoughts aside and I will ring it in with her and my wife.


Enjoy lads… Heading off to bed now, up early for a jog in the morn. Happy New year and all that old shite.


South Dublin City Centre

Sinatra is on to the jukebox.


Oh yeah… I’ll give you that one.
A super looking pint and Frank Sinatra…


While I have you here - is Donal Wrynn not playing this year for the county?


Hello from the Princess Louiae


Apologies for delay - didn’t see your query. He’s taking a quick break from it for a few weeks.
Naturally this becomes big news… Recharging the batteries. Nothing to see here.


:heart_eyes: Jaysus there’s ating in that.


Best pub in the empire. Enjoy :clap:


Going to try the ship tomorrow when back from craven cottage


The Ship Tavern is a very fine pub


Looks an absolute kip


The main problem with the vast majority of English pubs, aside from the clientele, is that they are too bright.


Footy and a pint. Life is simple


Well earned :ok_hand:

Candles and diffuser and all. Hygge.


A lot of them tend to be all big open areas, I quite like the different sections Irish bars typically break into.


I just like it dark and quiet, but mostly dark. Some evenings I go to cafe nero instead of for a pint as its less bright. Agree 100% though.