I only drink so I can take photos of pints


After a grand meal in the Stockhouse,a fine pint in Mac’s


It looks like a shot.



What’s that Mike?

You’re a right cosy arse


Beamish chief.
I was told to keep my iron levels up


I used the aperture shot,was told that my last effort wasn’t good enough…:smirk:


Ah it’s a technically well composed shot but that tap must be mahusive.


Beamish would probably be my preferred stout pal


Mine too. Can’t get it on draught this part of the country though. The can is quite nice.


The competition to have the biggest beer tap is just getting out of all proportion.
Where will it all end?


My old tipple,mother’s milk,us Beamish


I sent the weekend down there with herself before Christmas. At least a gallon of it was consumed.


I loved it,but it didn’t love me,jacked it,but boy what memories, beautiful, creamy,kinda burnt tasting great stout


Go back on the bevy when the lotto comes


You learn to appreciate it all the more when you get it on draught only a couple of times a year.


None near u Mike?


Not on draught kid. Only the can available. The draught is just glorious


Used get it in Limerick years ago, rashers pub,I think


I’m living in Kilkenny, Not a chance in hell


We all have our crosses to bear,stayed in Johnstown one night 35/40 years ago,drank a local beer, Perry,ever heard of it?