I only drink so I can take photos of pints


Great place for a pub crawl, so I’ve heard?


Nah. But Johnstown wouldnt exactly set the world on fire


Kilkenny is. But Im gone a bit old for that now kid


Only been there once, but it was for the bahai convention. No booze


Yeah we were stuck there, thumbing to Derry, so got langers, slept in a haybarn


I think you used the aperitif setting buddy.


Perry is made from pears.

Must be Phoenix you’re thinking of. Was brewed in Waterford. Well gone now.


Thanks, could be right,long time ago


A noble beer it was as well.



I didn’t have you down as a lad that would be taking snapchats of his pints…


And an awful one at that


Haha jesus kid second time you got me now. I’m on my own watching Liverpool trying to coax a few lads out. Give me a break


Did you take that photo in 1975?


He took it with a Nokia 1975.


No, 2019. Couldn’t give a bollix about camera quality. You can see enough


Drinking is very 2018


That pint would make you want to stay in for the night


Cunts. Out at a family do tonight but am driving.



Heineken Zero Mike…