I take pictures of pints


Someone told me Guinness will be 2.50 on the day, presume that's bollocks?

Interesting to see the Harbourmaster and its shit staff have long been copped by this thread a long time ago. Well done Farmer. :rolleyes:


I had O'Donoghues in there! Crikey!

Kehoes would win it for me in Dublin.

Taaffes in Galway is an unbelievable pint as well.


Good man yourself bumping this thread, you've just reminded me that I have to ask the boss for Friday off work next week:barcasmile:!


Left the guts of a few of grand in the place I would say over three years in my heavy drinking days of my previous employment. I will say though that their Guinness is actually decent enough.

But the staff - Christ almighty!!


Unless it's 2.50 for a 250ml glass. Otherwise it's bollox.


Galway - O Connells, The Crane, Fahy's


J McNeills on Capel Street is a fantastic pint btw. Only opened in November of last year hense why I don't have it in my list of favourites. I recommend tucking into an Irish stew in there with a pint, money well spent and your stomach will thank you for it!


The nicest 8 pints of Guiness I ever had were in The Gravediggers one winters Sunday after I had gone out to Fairyhouse but the racing was called off due to high winds. Had hear about this place so did a bit of investigating, savage spot.

I see the Old quarter pub in Limerick is now advertising pints of Guinness for 3.30 all day every day.


I only go to pubs established before 1900.


Far too subjective this, every person will think their local has the best pint. I recommend Treacys in Laois, but hey, each to their own.


Mashen's(stritch's) in Clonlara has unbelievable good porter, wouldn't be all that fond of Guinness but the pint in there is superb....


Jesus Locke we might have accidently seen/bumped into each other there.

Used to be a lot better pint-wise when it was a proper GAA pub called Barry's.


It looks like it's that old to be honest. None of this superpub shite with the owner of this new establishment, turf fire and wooden benches for seats is the name of the game here. A pub is for drinking in, not for getting comfortable in.


Teach Ol in Tulla. Top class. 9.5/10. Was in slatterys in Rathmines on sat nite. Good pint. 8/10. Roddy Bolands. Only ok. 5/10. Cassidys near coppers. Goodish pint 7/10


the smell of a turf fire enhances the Guinness experience by 20-30%. Whelans before they ruined it was fantastic.


mcdaids off grafton does a lovely pint of guinness i think..whats the real old pub across from Isaacs om macurtain street kev?..dan lowrys?..enjoyed a nice pint of muphys in there on many an occasion while in cork town..cashmans was another good pint..


That place is a complete sell out.


I love Guinness but I will not be partaking in Arthur's Day first because it is a marketing gimic and more important I will be abstaining from alcohol after this weekend for about a month to coincide with the astro season starting up again.




whats the story with the pub on the dock road in limerick? used to be called ciaran careys, then clem smiths..don't know what its called now..remmeber being in it years ago at about half 11 one sunday morning and it was hopping with the tunes pumping..pikeys everywhere mind..great feed in the pub beside it..can't remember name of it..