I take pictures of pints


It is still Clem Smiths....A noble pint of Heineken in there....About 80% of his trade is the students and it does be fairly busy during the week....Dolan's next door is a fine spot for food or a gig but can be full of posers


Still called Clem Smiths, it'd be my local, great spot.

Dolan's is beside it.

You might be thinking of Ma Ryan's nearby which may or may not have been the place with the pikeys..


There would be no pikeys in Ma Ryan's Dunph, the Luxer wouldn't tolerate them....More than likely to have auld lads, full time lushes and the odd whino....


What's a lush? I suppose they'd have been in Dolan's so. I'd be surprised if Clem would entertain them for long either..


A functioning alcoholic:pint:


Are you putting this on, Dunph?


Never before heard the expression SS**..


[quote="SHANNONSIDER**"]Someone told me Guinness will be 2.50 on the day, presume that's bollocks?

I can confirm that this is not bollocks:pint:


Its been 9 years since I lived in Ireland, but the best pints I've ever had (and I'm something of a connossiour) were in Tierneys in Clonmel and Courtneys in Lucan. I specifically remember everytime I went to both getting exceptionally good Guinness.

Honorable mentions to Slatterys in Rathmines, Doheny & Nesbitt's and the Long Hall.

Think it was Farmer who mentioned about the cleanliness of the pipes etc, this was a recurring theme when I spoke to barmen about Guinness, along with the length of time a keg sits in the cellar (needs to be there for 2 months apparently).

Of course, we all lament the loss of Deane's Pub in Bunclody, the best pub I've ever been in, best Guinness, sadly missed.


It was probably Clems alright, To us they would probably just have been a few normal townies, but to the outsider they would probably have assumed them to have been pikeys. It was opening up at 7am for a while to cater for the crowd still on the buzz from the night before and looking for booze and choons.


Would it not have to close before you could class it as opening?


Outside of the cleanliness of the pipes the amount of time the pipes are in use is another huge factor. For instance, how many times would you drink Guinness in night clubs? Not often because it is muck. Why? It is rarely used.

Then again I have seen old man pubs who would be frequented by locals generally on weekends (would be open during the week as well but not many people in there) having fantastic Guinness, much better than a more popular pub.


Where is Fahy's?

Agreed on the other two. O'Connell's being the best in Galway imo. The Crane was full of tourists sharing glasses of Guinness the only time I was there. Wont be going back but it tasted good.

Other notables - Taafes, Murphy's, Freeney's.

Dublin has rakes of good places. Must try out this Gravediggers place sometime.

Best in London - Connolly's in Chiswick.


Dan Lowerys is the one scum. Known for its Murphys and the Murphys reps always bring people there, but all its drink is fantastic. Most bars like that in Cork are fairly decent, i believe Moks to be out on its own. And theres no women there either.:thumbsup:


Some of my favourites for stout and as its all I drink, favourite pups also.

Matt Molloys - Westport, Co. Mayo
Taffes - Galway
Mother McHughs - Fenor, Co. Waterford
Connollys - Dunbell, Co. Kilkenny
Downes' - Waterford
Jordans - Waterford
Long Hall - Dublin
Syd Harkins - Kilkenny
Connollys - Donadea, Co.Kildare

But, if in doubt, a cold bottle of Guinness delivers consistency. Fresh glass for each bottle is the key.


It isn't everywhere you'd get the bottle though is it? I know very few pubs out my way stock them. The only pint bottles that are really sold are bottles of cider, and one woman who drinks bottles of carling xl off the shelf.


Your girlfriends a tough bitch is she Runt?


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They have a bearing on it but there are a lot of other factors too....The distance of the barrels from the tap and the length of the lines have an effect on the quality....Also vibrations from the speakers would effect the lines in a nightclub/function room as well.....the glasses and the temperature of the coolers would also have a bearing...


A two or three pubs out my way stock the bottles of Guinness, it just doesn't look right out of the bottle, the colour of the head is browner...